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  • Hey gun guys and reloaders

    I am probably gonna purchase this kit.

    Please look at this website. I believe its a great deal.

    Please tell me what you think

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    I have used a rockchucker for many years and it is a bulletproof (pun intended) press. I use it for case forming. It has the power to swage 300 mag brass to 308norma brass in one go without having to stand on the handle. The press is not fast like a progressive, but it will load darn near anything. I use mine to load .416 Rem Mag. and there is lots of clearance for bullet seating.

    I don't know if you could do much better at local gun shows or not. Maybe some of the members that live closer to you could comment. The cost of the dies, powder, primers and bullets along with the press and table seem like a pretty good deal.


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      kinda forgot to mention that i do not reload. I figuring its a pretty good deal and I can resell most of the crap and give some to my father in law.


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        Lots of clean, nice-looking stuff. Any dies you don't need can easily be listed & sold on eBay. Seller figures 1/3 of new cost, and everything LOOKS new which seems like a fair deal. Have you emailed & asked about condition & age of powders & primers, how they've been stored (in a heated/cooled home or in an unheated shop?)

        The pictures tell a lot. Seller is picky and that's good for you.

        Barry Milton
        Barry Milton


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          Hell of a deal cue. I don't see how you could go wrong.



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            good evening.

            if you don't buy it i will. i think that is a pretty fair deal.

            if you decide not to buy it, could you email me? [email protected]


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              I will probably buy it and sell off what I dont need/want, which might be most of it.

              Just gotta run it buy my wife!!

              If its still available


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                if you have a use for the extras or feel like selling them you can recupe most of the money in which case it is a good deal, if not you could probably buy the basic equipment for less so it is your call on that

                Matt in AK
                Matt in AK


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                  i thought you guys were talking about the Playboy collection.

                  seriously, that's a nice reloading setup. it looks like he has enough supplies to load up for at least a few hours of shooting.

                  andy b.
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                    I don't think its a great deal if you intend to sell it for profit. You can buy most of that stuff cheaply in the local Traiding Post here cheaper. If you buy it to reload for rifle, there is no rifle stuff there, but the press is graet for rifle. If you buy it for pistol reloading, the press is too slow for most pistol shooters, who go thru a lot more rounds than rifle shooters. If you buy it to give to someone, the price is good, but not great.


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                      Its already sold, Oh well


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                        The rockchucker is a very popular press, it's the S.B. Heavy 10 of reloading, not the best but very good and very well distributed.


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                          The Rockchucker is King IMHO. Had one for 20 or so years. I agree with Steven though. It was not a hell of a deal....I wouldn't say it was more than an OK deal.

                          If you watch carefully, you can pick up the press for $50.00 from yard sales and estates. Used dies are a dime a dozen. Scales are a little harder to come by but powder measures are almost giveaways here.


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                            Oh well, if that is not a "hell of a deal" I'll send anyone that will put together the same package a cheque for $500.00

                            I bought a rusty old Lyman Spar "T" with a set of 45ACP dies for $20 once, had to throw the dies away. I'll take a dozen sets of dies in good working order in any caliber for a dime. Where do I send off for them?


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                              "416 is that for really big critters.