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  • Help! Who Made This?

    Sorry, but the camera is on the blink - so I must describe in prose - please bear with me.

    I have a tailstock drill chuck from an Atlas/Craftsman 6" Lathe (101 07301).

    It is unmarked as to its manufacturer but I am hoping it is an OEM piece and one of you will know.

    It is a 1/2" chuck 2 1/4" long. The front taper is smooth and devoid of markings. The grip behind this is heavily knurled. The rear (5/32") behind the knurling is smooth and slightly smaller than the knurled portion in diameter.

    This rear part unscrews to allow you to dismantle the chuck. Three jaws wtih three interconnecting springs make up the guts

    When viewed from the rear (mounting end) this screw bottom has two 1/8" holes drilled on a horizontal plane (9 & 3 oclock) presumably to use a specialized "two pin wrench" in for loosen and tightening the cap.

    The mount is a 1/2" by (?)28tpi to a 1MT. The mount itself enters the bottom of the chuck and operates the jaws by means of a internal button riding over the top end of the mounting shaft and the bottoms of the jaws.

    Wheeeew! One picture may not be worth a thousand words but it can save alot of typing

    If you know from whence my oldster came, please post, as I am looking to find replacement jaws if available.

    Thanks to all in advance.

    "But the Junkyard IS my storage area, Honey!"
    \"But the Junkyard IS my storage area, Honey!\"

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    Ok Angus in Maine, assuming that the measurements are approximate,
    I have one just like it. It is marked that it is a Craftsman. I have heard
    that Sears still has some parts for the lathes that they sold, the Atlas.

    I also have some small keyless Craftsman chucks that look a lot like it
    and for the same lathe. They DO NOT have the two holes in the back.
    The one like yours just say Craftsman on it, no other marks. The ones
    I have what looks almost like it and are Craftsman, but don’t say it. They
    are marked with just a number. ( 22562 ) I don’t know if that is a part
    number or not. I would sent you a picture but I sent our camera in for
    repair today. They don’t bounce.

    The chuck I have that is like your is slightly beefier and look better made.

    If I can be of any other help let me know. I guess I hope that helped.

    [email protected]

    Have Fun
    Be Safe


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      I maybe should have said, The chuck that I have, that is like yours.
      Is on a MT2 with a drawbar and I use it on/in the head stock.
      I don’t know if that would make any difference, The threaded
      studs on the MT are the same on my MT1 & MT2 BUT when
      I am looking for parts, the more information the better.

      When I said.
      “The chuck I have, that is like your, is slightly beefier and looks better made.â€‌
      I meant, then the other keyless Craftsmen chucks that I have.

      You did take it apart and clean it. ??

      Have Fun
      Be Safe