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Photo: Look What the Marines Found in Baghdad

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    WMD producing lathe huh? LOL! Good grief, it's just an old engine lathe, not exactly the latest CNC rig with a pick of a millionth of an inch. If machinery of that class meets the criteria for being a threat to the US, we're all in a heap of trouble.


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      As I recall, Iraq produces a little bit of oil. Oil production requires these things called "rigs", maybe called oil rigs as i recall from my days working on the rigs in another place that produced a little bit of oil - Wyoming. Seems when I was on one of these rigs of oil, or oil rigs, there was a little machine shop that had these thingies that made little cylindrical parts or various sizes and shapes. I even got to run one for a little bit about 50 hours a week on my three week tour of the place in my apprenticeship.

      Oh yeah, WMD production......probably just general maintenance and parts production for the oil industry most likely.

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        Hey, every once in awhile my lathe is a WMD


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          And in true form, agents working for the US government promptly drag the machine tool out of the protective building and into the yard. At least it won't rain much there.

          The sandbags indicate that they don't plan to move it any time soon.

          Just like home.

          Maybe one of those guys is just wrapping up his souvenir. I've been against this skirmish from the beginning, but I think he deserves it.

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            looks to me like a french machine,but they forgot to send the chuck,or a matrix churchill even


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              It can't be French,there's no white flag on it
              I just need one more tool,just one!