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jacobs MC-1 chuck.

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  • jacobs MC-1 chuck.

    Just bought an old Sunbeam drillmaster drill stand, both stand and the 50's vintage Sunbeam drilling machine are in great shape but there's no chuck key. Anyone know whee I could obtain a key for a 1/4" Jacobs Multi-craft MC-1?
    I haven't seen a new 1/4" chuck in donkeys years so I dunno......
    Maybe all 1/4" chuck s have universal keys? Is it do-able to make one if I can't find one?

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    This catalog page (MSC) shows a Key Number K1 that fits the 1A & 1B chucks. If you have a large Ace Hardware or TruValue nearby, they usually carry Jacobs keys K1 through K5. Hopefully you'll find one that matches your chuck.

    You might also consider replacing the 1/4" chuck with a 3/8" or 1/2". Sure makes the drill more versatile.

    Barry Milton

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    Barry Milton


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      Hi Barry,
      Thanks! I'll pick one up tomorrow. I'm not sure that a larger chuck would fit through the coller which supports the chuck end of the drill in the stand. I bought it because I occasionally need a dead square hole or holes and can't be bothered to change the tooling on my Mill. I used to have a floor standing drill press but gave it to my brother-in-law when I basically run out of space in my garage. This little bench top 1950's unit will be great - store it out of the way when not needed and drag it onto the bench and clamp it down when I do.
      Very limited for metal but just fine for wood.
      Thanks again for the info!


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        My grandfather gave me a couple old power tools from the 50's. There about worthless. They work just fine but there all steel construction. After about 1 min. work they get too hot to use for very long. I have to say in this case plastic is a good thing. Don't use that old drill too hard it won't last long.


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          The best approach is to take the drill or chuck with you when fitting a key. There are about a zillion different key/chuck combinations. The Jacobs Mastercraft may use the Jacobs series keys or may not.

          As far as the longevity of older electric hand tools, they have already lasted over 50 years under all kinds of use and abuse. You can't ask much more than that. Most of the current crop of plastic garbage is basically throw away.
          Jim H.