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  • Cutting oils/fluids

    My wife has a friend in Calif. whose husband was a machinist for many years and is now in end stage cancer. I was wondering the toxicity of the cutting fluids he may have been exposed to either by breathing the mist or direct absorbtion and the affects on the liver.

    He initially had gall bladder surgery last year and while the surgeon was in there noticed a spot on his liver. A biopsy(sp) was performed and found to be cancerous so the chemo was started and it took him as far as now. Just how dangerous are the various oils and fluids? Thank you

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    All commercial oils, solvents, cutting fluids & chemicals have a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) available, many online.

    The danger depends on a number of variables. Some of the vegetable based cutting oils are safe enough to drink, my dog loves them and cleans the floor after every job. Others are highly toxic, trichloroethylene for example.

    You'd have to isolate the types of materials, type of exposure, length of exposure, etc., to get the answer you want.

    Barry Milton
    Barry Milton