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content of home shop machinist v. machinsts workshop?

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  • content of home shop machinist v. machinsts workshop?

    well, im new to the site and the magazines. was interested in subscribing, but couldnt find any info of how the content differs or what the target readership is. also have never seen either magazine in person. thoughts?

    do they ever sell at barnes and noble...where i might be able to check out a copy?


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    Subscribe to both for 12 months and make your own mind up.



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      The second most used paper in my bathroom for many years.Subscribe, If you don't like it, their are plenty of folks who pay good money for old issues.Won't cost you a dime..


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        Before I subscribed (to both) I would buy them at Barnes & Noble.
        As for differences, HSM tends to have longer multi-part projects, while MW's articles are usually one part.
        I find I learn something of value from most of the articles, but thats probably because of my over-abundance of ignorance

        Remember - Everyone is born ignorant...but only some people ever do anything about it



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          I was able to get HSM at Borders.
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            I agree with John, subscribe and support the website.


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              Everytime I think I want to stop subscribing to one of the magazines, in favor of the other, a good article comes along! So, buy both for a bit and then subscribe, or simply subscribe to both.

              The cost seems high but compared to a daily cup of coffee from the gas staion, it's not so bad.-Jerald


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                The most basic difference between the two magazines is that Machinist's Workshop is more intended for beginners, whereas The Home Shop Machinist is a bit more advanced.

                Also, each magazine has its own unique content. Machinist's Workshop features a regular column, as well as an occasional extra article, on gunsmithing.

                Home Shop has a regular column on CNC machining, as well as the occasional featured article.

                As Maker mentioned, the articles in Home Shop tend to be longer. There's also a regular column in it for novices written by the board's own Forrest Addy that is VERY popular. We also focus more on machines and machine accessories. MW's focus is more on projects.

                Thanks for your interest!