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Help on removing worn out allen key bolts?

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    A flat washer that fits the head od tight for protection and a MIG welder work wonders.

    Just build up a stud of weld on it and vise-grip out.

    They do make easy-outs for socket head screws called Soc'em outs,but I have never used them.

    You can also use a drill bit the same size as the original allen wrench and drill the head off the screw.Then remove the part the screw holds on and vise grip out the remainder.
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      Guys, if they are the ones I'm thinking of, they are for hockey skates and the allen heads could be sunk into the plastic cover (guard). Could very likely be metric. Some of the worst quality fastners I've used are cheap ass metric crap. Even when heated they will still bust off. I have a whole Toyota full of broken bolts (sigh).
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