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  • Source for downloading/uploading machine manuals

    And so it begins...

    A generous fellow has set up a new bbs and one feature he added is a way to upload and download machine manuals. There are a few good ones there already. If you have even the slightest inclination, please consider scanning at least one of yours and uploading it there. So far it's set up with an ftp location to upload. If that is a hassle for some reason, let me or Adrian know and maybe another way can be set up. If you haven't dealt with ftp before, it's a really nice way to transfer files on the net IMO. Let me know if you have questions.

    Here's the BBS (look in Machine Manuals)

    Downloading is the usual "click on the link" (as well as ftp)

    Personally I think it's high time something like this get going and it would be nice to build up a large library of stuff.

    To answer one inevitable question: Most of our machines are older and I don't think copyright infringement will be an issue. Basically if manufacturers were making a lot of profit on manuals they might consider trouble if the copyright hasn't already expired, but not likely. Our machines were originally shipped with manuals which have just been lost along the way. Actually, it would be good PR for companies anyway if free manuals are available for their machines.

    I hope you all find this a useful thing. Thanks to Adrian for setting it up.

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    but realy, it is a nice bbs. i will bookmark that.


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      As a point of reference some manufacturers that currently sell manuals and parts frown on distributing copies of their manuals. Clausing (which includes Atlas & the Craftsman derivatives thereof) and Logan are both examples, I believe.

      Mike Henry near Chicago


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        I'll post all Machine manuals online that are uploaded to the FTP site.. If a manufacture has a problem with that, I'll gladly remove their manual but I don't think any manufacture would mind in the context that they are provided.

        If we were selling them, or providing them with clones of the original machines, then I can see the manufacture exercising their copyrights..



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          True enough. It's worth a little caution. Note that copyrights older than 1964 likely are expired. If a company is out of business, there is very little chance anyone would bother to notice and I imagine there are only a handful who would frown even if they still exist.

          I feel strongly though that it's not worth choking off access to hundreds of documents for fear of stepping on toes with a half-dozen files. If an problem is pointed out, it's easy to delete a file from the library. I'm sure there could be a flaming debate here with 50 posts concerning pro, con, tangents of possible copyright infringement and what-if's. If you have doubts, try to contact the company if it exists and see if they even offer a manual (before you spend your time scanning). If it's an unreadable 10 page xerox for $50 then you can feel free to be PO'd as I would and make your own decision.

          With legal abuses and the BMI debacle flooding our awareness, it's easy to fall victim to paranoia. I could be wrong and this may crash and burn someday, but I am usually the most sceptical and cynical person in any room and I feel strongly that any problems with this effort, if any, would be minor.

          Better to try and fail than not to try.

          This could be such a great resource. I'd like to give it an earnest effort and see where it goes. Note that the goal is not to undermine legitimate profit from anyone. But when you are looking for a manual that only exists on the shelves of individuals homes across the country, it would be great to get what you need instantly instead of spending time searching bookstores, machinery auctions, estate sales, you name it, and possibly never find it after all.

          Let's give the possibility a chance.


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            I just uploaded two manuals to your site:

            South Bend 9" and 10" inch lathes

            South Bend 7" Shaper.

            I have a number of others I'll upload to you as I get time (dialup connection).


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              Venito, Adrian and Mike Verdict.

              Thanks all. I downloaded the Southbend manual and found my problem with threading within 3 minutes! The SB9 stores the extra stud gear on the 56tooth wheel. I thought it interchanged with that one! Maybe making threads that work won't be so magical anymore I never got a manual with this one. Got the sales catalogs that were in the drawers and even the receipt and accessories brochure but no manual.

              What a great idea!


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                I can set up an ftp for the forum here with 1.5/768 connection but i would need people to upload manuals--space is not an issue


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                  Sounds good to me.I don't see the copyright being an issue since there is no money changing hands.After all,It's your manual and you are just loaning it to a friend right
                  I just need one more tool,just one!


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                    "I don't see the copyright being an issue since there is no money changing hands"

                    Right, no money is going to the copyright holder and an additional set of hands has the manual.

                    Call a spade a spade.
                    Software For Metalworking


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                      Just got the SB lathe manual. Takes some time for it to come up on a dial-up, but it's worth the wait, thanks.



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                        Each machine is "entitled" to have a standard manual

                        If the manual is gone, another one needs to be acquired.

                        In most companies, providing manuals is not a profit center, just a PITA.

                        Emco (Austria) was kind enough to give permission to post electronic versions of their green and red Maximat Super 11 Service Parts manual. It's posted in the files area of the Yahoo Super 11 group. If anyone needs a copy and hates Yahoo, email me for a copy.


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                          FWIW, I've been in contact with Clausing recently and they've asked me *not* to distribute any docs that they still sell.

                          I don't have any problem with that as their prices are pretty modest, anywhere from $5 to $25 for the docs I've needed.

                          Mike Henry near Chicago


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                            There might be another angle to this-----IF I were a manufacturer I MIGHT want to sell MORE replacement parts! More manuals "out there" more parts sold, machines worth more also, maybe more production of machines with more satisified owners.
                            mark costello-Low speed steel


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                              Don't want to take issue or sides here as a new member - but as a concerned member who also writes for some of his living I must point out:

                              Documents written for hire or corporate purpose on or after Jan. 1,1978 are protected 95 years from copyrighting or 120 years from date of creation.

                              Documents created on or before Dec.31, 1922 are LIKELY in the public domain (not guaranteed).

                              Changes in copyright law in 1976 and more in 1992 have further lengthened and strengthened most all copyrights.

                     is one source for more info.

                              Ownership, is ownership and you cannot do anything with copyrighted material someone owns - your situation sounds uniquely reminiscent of a brewhaha caused by "sharing" music.

                              Be careful they don't start calling you the "Toolster"

                              It's like parking in front of someone's drive - they will only get P.O.ed if they try use their drive and find YOU in the way.

                              Unfortunately, they will be within their rights to call the cops.

                              Just my 5 cents worth - infalation hurts us all :rollseyes:

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                              \"But the Junkyard IS my storage area, Honey!\"