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Anybody Know of Any Openings Around Nashville?

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  • Anybody Know of Any Openings Around Nashville?

    Well, it finally happened. The owner's been firing people almost randomly for a couple of months now, and today I was the one who got the axe. Given the circumstances under which it happened, I might be able to draw unemployment, but I won't know for several days yet.

    So, anybody got suggestions?

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    1. See if you can find some of the other folks who got fired and ask if they are drawing unemployment. They are probably bitter and will help you just to stick it to the company. As them what they did to get it successfully. At least you can draw it until/unless something else comes up so you can make the rent.

    2. Buy the occasional lottery ticket. You won't win, but it helps to keep the dream alive.


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      Drink beer. Work on your resume. Submit hundreds of resumes to every machine shop in your local yellow pages. Or you can submit resumes to machine shops in the parts of the country youve always wanted to live in if you manage to get hired somewhere else. Moving to another location is a big adventure that you might enjoy.


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        The area near Memphis has more machinist openings than they have qualified applicants, if you want to move.

        You might also try this job board:

        http://manufacturing.careerbuilder.c...80b5f724a49b2b 90bd1f96e7e1d93-165500251-w8-2

        AND DRAW THE UNEMPLOYMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Barry Milton
        Barry Milton


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          Memphis area medical manufacturing company here.......We have about 14 openings right now.
          Assuming you are willing to relocate.
          Money is pretty good and medical business is booming.

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            Memphis is quite a few hours from Nashville.

            TVA was needing some people there north of Loretta-Lynn's hometown. Next to the paper mill there is a power generation plant. Using natural gas-steam Peaker generators. They always need good mechanics to keep the machinery running. Paper mill too there close by (much more dangerous)

            The township skips my memory, I worked there about five years back. About 40 miles west of Nashville.

            TVA is online, being a vet helps you get on, being a minority helps. If you get the opportunity to apply tell them "I will go anywhere TVA needs me to" they have to shift thier key personell around to keep the emergency repair jobs going.

            Union is not required for TVA employment. They do hire mostly all union craft for thier maintenance and construction thou through contractors.

            If you can stand it, the coal fired plants there and east of Nashville, Northern Alabama are always needing good people. I can't stand the heat and dust.



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              Apply for a job at Gibson Guitar. They have multiple plants in Nashville.
              I hope that you keep up your writing. I thoroughly enjoyed your story about the trip across the country to pick up the Chrysler Newport (I think that was the car). You might want to pursue writing as a career in some way.