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Bridgeport head...550 volt too much

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  • Bridgeport head...550 volt too much

    Just picked up a nice 1Hp J head to replace the M head on my round ram bridgeport. I got it really cheap ($100) but it turns out to be 550V
    I have 220 3 phase at my shop. I pulled the cover off the motor and didnt see any diagrams for alternate voltage configurations. Should i get a new motor or can I get this one modified.
    The shop it came from upgraded to variable speed heads and this one was in a box the last 10 or 15 years.

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    How do you spell transformer?
    David from jax
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      Optimus Prime?


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        12 lead motor? Or 9? Or 6? Or 3? Inside the motor connection box (peckerhead) check the leads. if it is 3,6,9 you are probably out of luck. Rewinding the motor will be the cheapest way out.



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          If it's the b-port "pancake" motor then most likely star connected and carrys 12 leads.

          A trip to the motor shop might yield results.

          Uh..dumb question,is the M head motor too much different to fit?I realise it's probably 1/2hp,but what the heck?

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            "We" Have dozens of 3ph motors. Gimme a frame size and or a C-face measurement and I can look around for a match.

            12 lead low voltage connections...
            Low voltage connection for a 12 lead motor.
            Internal 4+7,6+9,5+8

            Check nameplate for dual voltage, It should be wired high voltage right now.

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              Most any 143/182/184 frame C-face motor (7/8 shaft) can be modded to replace a BP motor. You need a face flange and possibly an extended shaft.

              Oh! Wait! That's a machine shop job. Forget it.

              Seriously, just be sure to tuck the motor face in a relief on the top side of the flange to max the shaft exposure.


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                550 vac???? Iv'e been in industry for 25 years and never heard of 550v. Are you sure? Look really good at the plate. What make of motor. Give all info on motor plate. What does the inside of the peckerhead look like? posts? just wires? How many wires?


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                  Jim, IN northern Alabama 550/600 volts is normal for the paper mill/yarn mills over there. Most the motors are 3 wire in the peckerhead. Some of the bigger motors are full transmission line voltage. 13.6K

                  I kinda remember the bridgeport being a 12 lead motor too. Been more than a week and I got lots on my mind thou. I got a bridgeport manual, but it's raining cats and dogs here and it is in the shop.



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                    Here in Alberta, 550v is the standard voltage for most new area's. You usually get a choice from the power companiy, 208 3 phase or 550-600 3 phase. Here in Calgary you can only get 480 3 phase if your building is already supplied with 480 and needs a bigger or replacement transformer. 550-600 volt motors have no dual voltage configuration.

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                      Here are the mtotr specs:
                      Fairbanks Morse
                      1 HP 3 Ph 60 cy
                      7.5 amps
                      SF 1.25 Code H
                      Duty 24 hrs @ 40*c rise
                      Type QZA
                      Frame 4570
                      No. A192658
                      Spec Q0396-2

                      3 wires from motor to switch