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South Bend Heavy 10 - well tooled

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  • South Bend Heavy 10 - well tooled

    This one just popped up on my daily search. Lots of quality tooling, located in New Hartford, CT. Manufactured in 1973.

    Barry Milton
    Barry Milton

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    Looks like a terrific deal!! (if only it would stay at that price at the auction end).

    What do you folks who've done a lot of used equipment purchasing think about the following line?

    <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">seems Snug and Well-Fitted Throughout with No Known Problem Areas.</font>
    To me this line is less than awe-inspiring, especially with the "seems" in there.


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      My favorite is "I really don't know anything about this type of equipment, I'm selling it for a friend who retired".

      On used equipment it's safe to believe none of what the seller says & half of what the pictures show!!! &lt;LOL&gt;
      Barry Milton


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        I hope your not buying it because it looks good, dont let the paint fool you, its in the same condition as the last person who used it


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          Oh, I see he relisted it. Interesting.


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            Nope, not buying it. Sometimes I just wonder if the seller is truly ignorant about it or if that's their way of blatantly lying to you. Then I wonder if they suspect a problem, but absolutely refrain from looking at it, so they can honestly (and ignorantly) say they don't know of any problems.

            My wife can't stand the smell of smoke, especially in a car. Had a car salesman try to tell me that Febreeze will take that smell out in no time. I asked him why he hadn't done so already if it was so easy. His response? "I think that if someone REALLY was interested in the vehicle, the smell wouldn't be a deterrent, and they could easily remedy the smell after purchasing it." I love being treated like a moron.

            What's the going rate for that kind of lathe with the tooling listed, assuming it's a POS?



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              Here's the BEST tool description on eBay today:

              "What a rare find! This is a Planer and Shaper Gage made by the L.S. Starrett Co., Athol, Mass., USA. The gage is in good shape for its age. There is surface rust all over, but the top unit still slides in its track... I am not an expert, please email with questions. Bid with confidence.

              Barry Milton


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                The last one these guys hawked off went for way big bucks. Especially for a lathe that someone on the other board said had 1/32" ridges on the ways + binding issues. Watch Out!!


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                  I have seen this machine live and in person. Nice paint, nice tooling, ways look to be in good shape no visible wear, passes "fingernail" test. However, gear train si very noisy, things quiet down with just the spindle spinning.



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                    I would be extremely cautious. There are signs of painted over heavy rust and pitting in the chip pan, on the bed support at the tailstock end, and perhaps on the base under the gear train on the headstock end. Several collets show signs of heavy pitting. The chuck, and faceplate have had a wire brush applied to then, I assume to remove rust. The bed/ways show a strange color, perhaps rust treated with navel jelly. People don’t generally apply paint to a machine in good condition.

                    Just some observations, based on life’s experiences.

                    You may want to look before you buy.



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                      i'll say this, those guys are good painters. i'd love to see photos of what those two lathes looked like when they were brought in. and they didn't use a wire brush to clean the metal surfaces up, that is scotchbrite pads on a die grinder without a doubt. i know because i am a scotchbrite-using madman. it'll even make treasures from the Titanic look nice and shiney.

                      i can definitely say if i ever end up selling anything i have, it will be painted and polished like crazy. it looks to add a good 50% to the price.

                      andy b.
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