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  • Profile?

    OK, I can understand why people might not want to put their email address in their profile but at least put your state in to give us a clue so we know if we live any place close.

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    I agree but some people are paranoid I guess.

    I use to hate working for someone else, now I work for everyone else!


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      You shold contact Mark McCassil:

      Date Registered: 03-26-2005
      Status: Member
      Total Posts: 2
      Current Email: [email protected]
      Homepage: http://
      Occupation: trucking
      Location: Johnston, Iowa, USA

      Of course no one whould know that if you & Mark didn't post your profile..............

      Barry Milton
      Barry Milton


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        Barry, just did. I had missed him. Thanks, John


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          I used to post a brief profile with the website I frequented. I also used to get nuisance eMail, spam, trollers, etc. Recent improvements in anti spam took care of that but the nuisance eMail and trollers were still a pain. I complained to a friend and he suggested I clean out all but the bare bones. I did and after a year most of the other stuff has faded away.


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            My generic email address has been listed on this site for around 5 years. I never get spammed, and I have no spam filters. I don’t claim to know exactly how email addresses are collected, but if they are harvested from sites like this, why do I never get spam?

            And I agree John, what is the harm in letting us know what part of the world you are in.
            Location: North Central Texas


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              LOcal biker rights organization posted phone numbers and addresses.

              Sure enough people used the information as a shopping list to steal motorcycles, Harleys to be exact. I stood up and informed them of thier folly and all eyes looked to me. (because I had biker tattoos)

              I don't have anything to steal anymore. My old bike is not worth the trouble for most people.

              People should post thier home-/states anyways.

              David Cofer, Of:
              Tunnel Hill, North Georgia


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                Barry, I emailed Mark but got no response, about like this thread.
                Guess there are few who care. John


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                  I agree you can say what state or contry you are from, some may have shame in thier game.

                  walla walla washington here.


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                    Agree that everyone should put state or country in profile. If paranoid about email you can simply leave it out or put a fake email address in.

                    On the "other" forum you can still contact each other via the private message feature

                    [This message has been edited by D. Thomas (edited 03-31-2005).]


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                      Hey Voldmort you can mention the site.


                      John S.

                      Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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                        <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Hey Voldmort you can mention the site</font>
                        That's LORD Voldmort, to you bud !

                        (have you been knighted yet ??)


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                          Doesnt everybody live in New South Wales?


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                            usa state tn county hamilton.
                            mm curvin


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                              "paranoia strikes deep.
                              into your heart it will creep.
                              theres a man with a gun over there.
                              telling me i've got to beware." Buffalo Springfield.

                              from deep in Jesusland.
                              Titusville (Titsville) Florida.
                              home of mosquitoes and citrus...jim