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  • New Model Engine Rag

    I was wondering. Has any one else subscribed to this and have the been mailed yet
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    Not as far as I know. Last I heard, I got an update that they were at the printer.

    We'll see when the first issue arrives.
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      According to their web site it has been mailed.

      Also interesting is that there is another 'new' mag out at the same time.
      This thread gives some links and also highlights some authors rights issues.

      John s.

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        I did and am anxiously waiting. Hope it will be good.
        P.S. John, I just finished reading the discussion on Chaski's board. Is it me or can the legals complicate even the most simple of arrangements? What a load of road apples coming from Modeltec. Publishers should be very aware that with the internet today that self publishing is easily doable and easily protected by prior art and copyright.

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          I did too but haven't received anything yet.
          Jonathan P.