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  • Can any one make this

    forget it

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    God Bless Every One

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    Star Wars geek's crack me up. Do you need this so you can go the newest prequel coming up in a couple months, or is it for a star geek convention.

    Check out this video if you are on a decent connection. It is triumph the insult dog from The Conan show on late nights here in the states.

    Triumph vs. Star Wars geeks


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      a buddy of mine told me i should start making them and selling them at comic book conventions.

      Lets see, all I need is a CNC lathe and a hob and I can whip those things out right quick!

      And how many do I have to sell to pay off the equipment? And at what price???



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        I've made these for others, just never knew what they were. Just need a dimensioned print to work from (unable to use a bitmap image).

        Generally made from aluminum bar stock, can be color anodized if you want. Be glad to quote 1, 10, 100, or any quantity. Email address is in my profile.

        Barry Milton
        Barry Milton


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          I guess they used the metric system a long time ago in a galaxy far far away...

          Hoffman in Warner Robins Ga


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            Well I watched the film but I thought the thread angle was 82 degrees.

            Also the spline doesn't have any detail on it, is this the KFS standard, Klingon Federation Standard?

            Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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              Send it to Alistair,I hear he taught Scotty everything he knows about Dilithium power systems
              I just need one more tool,just one!


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                Ok, i give. What is it??

                (if I am supposed to know by reading the plans, then its obvious I dont know how to read!)


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                  OK this is gonna sound like Dave but we're both from Ga. so...

                  Anyway. Back when I used to drink and smoke weed I moved rented a trailer in Augusta and my closest neighbor was about 100 yds. away. So one night I sneak out back to smoke a doobie and while I'm tokin' in the shadows something catches my eye in the moonlight. Actually it was a someone that cought my eye. No lie, there was this friggin' ninja doing flips out of a tree behind my house with a sword and numchucks and a black hood and he was also flippin' throwing stars at the tree.

                  Turns out it was my new neighbor who was also really into star trek. Nice guy...

                  Hoffman in Warner Robins Ga


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                    I give up, what is it?

                    CCBW, MAH


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                      It's a light saber. Reproductions go for $100 buck range and up. Seems to me I saw one a few years ago in a presentation case for around $695 at Universal Studios in FL.

                      (... the sound of CNC spindles rev'ing up in the night )


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                        Where's the rest of it? It's only about 11.4" end-to-end. Are you suppose to add a funky plastic light bar on the end? Maybe a floresent tube?


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                          I was throwing them stars at a plywood target, one off my wrist wrong, hit the target, rolled off , hit the wall rolled around the wall about a foot up, hit the corner behind me, rolled around it, hit the floor, as I looked down it left a row of bloody spots across the top of my foot.

                          Yeah, I was into all that. I never found a ninja suit to fit me thou, I had black tee shirts and black jeans.... (still do)

                          My nunchukas? I had octagon coca-bola wood ones with sharpened fender washers on the ends to stop the end wood from splintering as I broke blocks with them. I still have some very old ball bearing ones w.chain I swing about once a year.

                          My Katana, after I took a lansky sharpening outfit down the blade and made it so sharp I can throw up a sheet of paper and cut it nearly in two, I am too scared to swing it.

                          I dislike the Star wars or Trekkie geeks. Once they discover girls they get cured. They are living in a fantasy world. One guy on the last job thought it was real. Say something bad about Klingons and he'd scream at you.. "they are a warrior race".. I reminded him klingons were lil balls of toilet paper that didn't get wiped off.. He'd turn purple.


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                            ibewgypsie - Um, yeah, they do tend to go a bit over the top at the conventions & stuff... and anybody who thinks Klingons are real should go look up the definition of science fiction

                            However, I'm still trying to figure out how to cross one of these with a plasma cutter... I don't think I could sell'em though, there might be liability issues...


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                              watch out for copyright infringement.
                              these may be a good way to go broke quick...jim