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    Wierdscience- Ah, yea and all that ... except that's probably a guy.


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      You could blow out a single puff of talc, corn starch or other light powder and then turn on a 5mW red laser with an expanded beam. Add the vvvvrrrrrrrttttttttt sound effect and you're all set.


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        i'm pretty much live and let live blah blah blah, but i gotta tell ya mochinist, that was one of the funniest things i've every seen - thanks


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          Have the skills to make one, but the time, and effort to expend are a different story I guess. Still working on my air motors and candlesticks have a 14 month backlog right now....

          Hoffman cracked me up as well. I never got into smoking weed - that always semed a bit "dumb" to me - also having a father as a cop, this would be real dumb I guess - but I digress.... In my youth of drinking good old colorado 3.2 beer at the young and impressionable age of 18 years and immortal, we had just watched "Star Wars". Found out if you turned your head real quick after about 12 beers (which with 3.2 was enough to get a good one going and a real full gut of lousy quality beer), you got that "Hyperspace" effect with the stars doing the trails thing and going black. The first two times for me were real cool. Problem was after the third turn, something else happened due to that full gut of beer, and it wasn't all that fun.

          Everytime after that when I saw that "stars" thing when they go into hyperspace, I got queezy...getting there now many years later...

          Enjoy trek and star wars in moderation still, went to a convention as an amused onlooker for the trekkies and Star wars goons. It was a hilarious time.

          Even better though, from that time and day, I really miss the absolure riotious times at the ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW. These people made trekkies and such look real calm and serene.

          Lets do the time warp......

          CCBW, MAH


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            "I reminded him klingons were lil balls of toilet paper that didn't get wiped off.. He'd turn purple."


            ibew, I wish you had your own show - I'd tune in everyday. Your humor is priceless!



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              <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by hoffman:
              I'm working on one of these:


              12" to the foot scale model would be impressive.

              BTW have you noticed all the crew quarters on the plan and no bog ?

              Seems a bit risky to me squatting over the edge of one of these things doing 10,567,675.876429764 mph., [approx] taking a dump into hyperspace.
              First of all the temerature is going to be down to about minus 2,000 degrees so that Richard the Third is instantly going to freeze, snap off and do some serious damage to the CB antenna good buddy.

              John S.

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              Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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                12" to the foot scale?

                That would be REALLY impressive.



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                  I just can't help myself... The distant cousin to the klingon is the willnot (it will not wipe off) or is it the mustang (it must hang there without being wiped off) Oh to be young again...

                  By the way, did you guys know that the original light sabre in the star wars movies was actually a graflex flash gun base from the 4X5 graflex press camera? You know, those press cameras you see in the old movies with the chrome flash on the side with the flashbulbs the size of light bulbs?

                  I'm not a trekkie or star wars buff, but I am a photographer, and I use the old graflex cameras extensively. All mechanical, no electronics, and a joy to use.


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                    <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Ben Diss:
                    Wierdscience- Ah, yea and all that ... except that's probably a guy.

                    Ya,your right,either that or it would be "PMS lasts 60 years for my species"
                    I just need one more tool,just one!


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                      ricksplace, my photo teacher just the other day brought one of those in to show us, quite funny, all of us sitting in front of him, he seamed to have a hard time resisting flashing that thing toward us. Man those things are powerfull. He kept thinking of points to tell us about just so he could flash that thing. IT was such a dick head thing to do, I respected it.


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                        I tried to watch it but it was too geekish for me. I watched about twenty seconds and thought some people should get a hobby like chase frisbees out on the highway.