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Buffalo Wheel coffee table?

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  • Buffalo Wheel coffee table?

    I got a old wire ford wheel. Only one. It has a jeep cross lug tire on it. I have carried it, moved it around for over 35 years with me. It came with a old 40 ford TUdor, was in the trunk.

    This Satellite dish mount I had with my Travel trailer, 4 legs, stable with adjustable post to level. Thinking about marrying the two into a coffee table.

    Where do you go for ROUND glass? Like 24" or so? How expensive will it be? Reckon I can find a hubcap? How do you wash the Nasty off the old tire? Sandblast?

    We laid the pad in the floor of the livingroom, carpet is in there (unloaded by my stinking self) Tomorrow I start on ornamental iron gates. Powdercoat oven is still down. (mad)

    Hammertone paint rocks... we got some nice stuff to paint the outside of the old clawfoot tub.


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    Phone book. Call around, you should be able to get a glass and mirror shop to get/cut a 24" circle for you. A local (to myself), glass shop had cut a 20" circle for me for less than $20.00. Not recently though.
    Paying Attention Is Not That Expensive.


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      Dave any Auto Glass place can fill that order. I'd get tempered safety glass. As for the grim on the wheel... well you could take it to the car wash.

      Wow... where did the time go. I could of swore I was only out there for an hour.


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        Don't forget to get the edges polished it's not expensive and well worth the effort to see a nice safe finish Alistair
        Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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          Years ago had a big Bull Moose in the garden eating my old ladys vegies. (HaHA) He came around a lot. Well on opening day moose hunting season I was sittin out in the sunroom with my Holland and Holland .300 Magnum. Since i was huntin I only brought a twelve pack of moosehead lager.(Green Bottle)Well what do you know around 10 that morning moose came out. I shoulda taken a photo but i shot him through the head instead. Cleaned him up and thought everyone has a wall moose head mount. He went 52 inches at his widest spot on his rack. Seen lot bigger out in the bush though. I thought make a moosehead rack table. Well later on over time it got tossed out in favour of a solid oak model that Audrey wanted. I gotta confess my friends homemade taxidermy job wasnt the greatest, and that head began to really stink after a while. I told aud that it was the wild outdoor smell that would eventually grow on yeah but it vanished one day. Lots of moosehead thieves out there you know. So dave get imaginative and turn critter parts into furniture. Possum lamps and so on.


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            Ya know, Armadillos are Possums on the half shell.. WE don't have them here, but south Georgia does.

            I know this one sexy cajun witch, she would take a armadillo, Skin it out, head and all, take the tail, that was the purse strap, the two halves of the shell, well that was the purse. She'd make $100 off them back then.

            She must've been part Canuck, she had this coarse black hair on her that looked like a monkey. Even her back. Back then I couldn't even grow but two whiskers on my chin. (cherokee blood)

            You never know what will be the next fad. I just like the things I like. Kinda strange I guess.

            What I was getting at, the same women that ran thier cars off the road trying to miss them buggers loved them as a purse and didn't know what kinda skin that was. (ever hit one on a motorcycle?)



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              Awhile back I noticed that Pier 1 had glass rounds for table tops. The price was very reasonable.


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                I have had good results making weathered rubber look good again by glass bead blasting in a cabinet. I imagine you could get the same results with fine sandblasting sand at low pressure ~ 60psi.


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                  Tires on old tractors that are being built for show have the same problem,old,dry and dirt stained.
                  I found that a pressure washing followed after drying with Castol Super clean works wonders.
                  Let the super clean sit on it for awhile,then pressure wash again,leaves that classic flat jet black look.

                  Found this out by accident when a customer brought in a painted(shame) rim and tire.I gave it a quick soak in the cuastic tank followed by a wash,worked great.
                  I just need one more tool,just one!


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                    Weird: in 1988 I cut a old harley tire into Ho-Chi-Mein sandals, took a hand needle and sewed leather uppers on them.

                    Walking through a grocery store it was still leaving black marks. (going squeak squeak) I guess that old harley throwed a lot of oil into "that" tire?

                    I don't know where they are now. I bought a set of sandals and wore them out in one day. Them harley tire sandals lasted for Years.