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Rubber coating for tools etc.?

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  • Rubber coating for tools etc.?

    Hey guys! I just got a very interesting call from a physiothrapist. She wants a bunch of tools made that she wants to sell to her customers.
    I don't know the exact specifics yet but they will be cylinderical, about a foot long. The kicker is, they have to be coated with rubber, has to be blue and she wants her logo stamped into the rubber covering.
    I'm wondering if that rubber coating for tools would work? Anyone know how it holds up and if there is some kind of window in the cure time that would allow it to be stamped? Thanks for your time!
    I have tools I don't even know I own...

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    Found this stuff but there is no mention of color availability
    I have tools I don't even know I own...


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      All the shop-applied coatings are less than durable. Even with repeated dipping & drying they wear through in short order.

      A number of companies will dip (or spray) and emboss for you. Take a look at:

      Barry Milton
      Barry Milton


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        Red,black, white and yellow. I have used the spray-on type to cover up some chipping
        on powder-coating, it fills the chip spot back up to the level of the coating unlike paint where you can still see the spot.
        Apply at room temp in light coats allowing
        each to dry before applying another.
        It works good on handwheels too.
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          Loctite did a product for coating handles. Different colors etc.

          Haven't any first hand experince with it, but there products are usually pretty good.



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            we used that Plasti-tool stuff a few times at work. it comes out like the factory plastic/rubber coating on things like pliers and stuff.

            so what type of vibrating motor are you using for these 12" long cylindrical rubber-coated tools?

            andy b.
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              Word on the street is its a single phase 5 horsepower motor driving it.


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                  I use both of these vendors for similar items. The PVC rubber from DMX is some tough stuff, and they will send you a custom sample for the asking.


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                    Thanks guys! I guess I'll have to find out the "real" use for this "tool". Ha...the Loctite comes in blue. Have to let her decide if the home dip coatings will be good enough. I thought of a couple of other rubber coatings but don't know how she'd think of the knot tied in the end
                    I have tools I don't even know I own...