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  • pinsetters

    For the first time in 20-some years I got a little part-time job, working for the man. Equipment is new to me, the basics still apply. My problem is this; 40 year old AMF 8270C kicker return pinsetters. The beancounters (as usual) run the outfit. Apart from that, spares for some assemblies are just not available. I've done some welding and machining in my own shop already, the boss tech has a grin a yard wide.
    What I am asking here, is if anyone has experience with these machines, or if there is a site dedicated to those kind of machines.
    I'm in WA (Western Australia, AKA Wait Awhile)
    Sorry I have no specific question to ask, but any and all advice would be much appreciated. (apart from "find another job son!")
    rgds, Lin