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New drill press-OOPS, no new drill press

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  • New drill press-OOPS, no new drill press

    I purchased a Boice-Crane self feed drill press at an auction last week and was very exited. This drill press is auto feed and drills up to 1 1/4" holes. It is AWESOME.
    It was awesome. The shipping company picked up the drill and was to ship it to me. After two weeks of no drill press, I made the call. The shipping company shipped it upright bolted to a pallet and the drill BROKE at the base plate due to the extreme head weight.
    Now the trucking company wants 45 days to review this. I am out the drill press and I now have a bill for the unit and the shipping. I am a bit pissed.
    I have asked for replacement value.
    Anyone have any experience with this dealing with shipping companies???
    This is the exact same drill press as the ENCO drill/tapping machine at $2000.

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    Did the shipping company prepare it properly for transport? Seems to me a 2x4 between the head and the stand would have saved a lot of grief and taken little time.
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      My wife works for a trucking co. She says you can ask for replacement cost but this will extend the time and you will prol'y get market value,this is if you dont have it insured for a specific value.You did insure it didnt you?


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        I demanded replacement value and told them if they didn't hurry, I would have to charge them for lost time.
        It was insured thru the trucking company using their standard insurance.
        The trucking company did not tie it down or lay it over. It would appear that laying it on its side would have also prevented this from happening.
        It was bolted to a pallot and the pallet attached to the truck, with the head swinging in the breeze.
        If they would have used a box truck and tied it to the wall, we would not be talking right now.


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          "Broke due to the extreme head wieght" that's BS,they dropped it simple as that.

          I have bought two new presses,one about the same size as yours and
          one bigger,both were shipped verticaly with no extra provisions and they both arrived in perfect shape.

          Just riding down the road in the back of a truck even on the roughest road will not break a casting with a crossection that robust.

          They dropped it and should pay.

          I just need one more tool,just one!