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  • An Invitation

    Just a post to remind folk that there is a UK based free adverts site aimed at the home shop guys.

    Athough UK based there is no reason why it can be used by others.
    Quite a few of our OZ cousins use this site with good results.

    Rules are simple, only tools, models or magazines relating to home shop use [ or close].
    Completely free to list and the ad stays on for a full month.
    If it sells tell us and we will remove it.
    If you want to relist it - fine- just resubmit it, still no charge.

    This is offered as a service, all ads are checked before they are put on.
    The page is updated at least twice daily.
    Email addresses must be listed so we can contact but they can be with held.
    All email address as spam blocked by removing the @ and replacing with [at] to prevent spam bots harvesting emails.

    The site is getting quite popular now with over 40,000 hits per month.

    The site is at:-

    For the record it was put up by Charles Ping and myself after the very popular Chris Heapy page fell thru.

    We make nothing out of running this site, it's done purely as a service, and no we don't sort the ads out first
    I have bought one item and that was after it was listed.

    John S.

    Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.

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    John and Charles

    More power to your ( drinking) elbows!



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      I was wondering what had happened to Chris's site - it was one of my favourites, and I was missing browsing the adverts. Great that you & Charles have made the effort to step into the breach like this.

      Many thanks for the trouble that you're both going to!

      All of the gear, no idea...


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        Yes, thanks! Just fired off an email to an advertiser :-) Was still checking Chris's much appreciated site in hope every day, great to see it back in a new form.


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          Thanks for the comments chaps.
          Don't forget to tell your friends - it's amazing how many people don't know about things like this - I had assumed that after 3 months we'd have it covered but clearly not.