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Question: Where do I buy Perkins Diesel parts cheap?

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  • Question: Where do I buy Perkins Diesel parts cheap?

    Doc has a Ford tractor, 3 cyl diesel engine. Been apart for about five years now because a piston was quoted at $400. It needs a valve job and a piston.

    Now, I know diesel parts are expensive but this is ridiculos. Anybody got a line on some discounted parts somewhere?

    David Cofer, Of:
    Tunnel Hill, North Georgia

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    Maybe you could see if this site has a better deal:


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      Here are a couple more:

      Barry Milton
      Barry Milton


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        Find a engine machine shop or parts jobber that stocks Federal Mogul/ Sealed Power engine parts. They are high quality parts and are OEM parts in many cases. The prices are usually pretty reasonable. We used and stocked them in a engine machine shop and parts jobber that I used to work for. We had great success with those brands of parts.


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          Try any local diesel engine rebuild shops in your area...They should be able to find aftermarket Perkins parts easily.....

          Caterpillar owns Perkins now so it is no wonder parts are so expensive...
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            Dave I buy most of my Ford/Perkins parts here-

            They usually have the best parts and service around.Last AD153 Perkins kit I bought was $394.00,that was rods,sleeves,pistons rings and gaskets.Mains are sold seperate.

            With that said,the only Ford I remember as having a Perkins is a Jubilee.The rest are Ford engines.

            Last I built was a 4.4 three in a 3910.The Pistons were cheapest through Ford(now New Holland)$151.00 each with rings and wrist pin.Gasket kit was $185.00,oil pump $85.00.

            I had the crank ground .010/.020",one rod re-sized.On those the block is liner less meaning no sleeves.I had the block borde and sleeved as this was what was recomended by the dealer and my engine shop,this puts it back to standard bore.Unless your pistons are damaged you can reuse them.

            The whole job including all parts and machine work with labor done by me including new clutch discs and frontend wear parts was $2100.00,sounds like a lot,but since it was the final series of tractor Ford built entirely here they are worth a few dollars.
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              The plain muffler on my Ford 1100 is more than $500 and it isn't anything special.
              David from jax
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                Years ago I used a company called 'Vapormatic' for 'pirate' Fergy parts, I think they were a UK company, seemed very good.
                I know there are others, just can't recall their names at present...


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                  Caterpillar sells perkins parts, most of their small machines use Perkins engines.
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