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  • Name that Mystery Tool:

    This was posted over on a Hotrodder's board:
    Mystery Tool.

    I've seen similar, though far simpler, items. Is it a tachometer/rev counter?


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    That would be my guess, at least the most obvious.


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      I think that the dingus is an early "performance computer." I've seen pics of similar items in car mags. The idea being when you set up for your 1/4 mile run, you have that mounted in an easy to reach place, when the light turns green, the girl drops the flag/her top, or Smokey turns his bubble gum machine on, you mash the button on the thing as you mash the gas pedal. Then when you get to the end of your run, you cut off the stopwatch. It may only record max performance readings, or it might have a mechanism to allow to walk back through the seconds and see what your engine was doing when. That will help you better tune your engine's performance.


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        Looks like the RPM counter I used to use when I was running gun drills for a company I worked for. The RPM meter actually on gun drill machines never worked right, so we would run up the spindle, and take the rod sticking out on the end of the meter - like that one in the pic, and put it on the shank or close spindle of the drill bit or machine - which had a piece of sticky tape on it where we would touch it off - for hat purpose, and we could get metered readings on RPMs the machine was running through this meter. I remember the meter we had had two dial faces, one for readings in 1000 and 100, and one in "ones".

        My recollection is from 20 years back, but I remember doing this well in gun drill set-up, and even on "borematics" set-up.
        CCBW, MAH


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          Cliff the mailman says:

          "Yeah, of course I know what that is. That's one of those early Flatulence Detectorometers. The probe was inserted; well, you know where; the big guage on the left was used to determine windspeed, while the big guage on the right determined the exact amount of methane gas produced per flatulation, measured in parts per million. One smaller guage showed the precise number of actual microscopic solid waste particles; you don't believe it happens? Check your shorts after a real loud, nasty one!" (picks up a pretzel from the basket on the bar)

          "As a matter of fact my personal physician used one of those on me during a physical exam, right before I tried out for the high school football team. I neglected to tell him I'd eaten an entire large can of beef Ravioli the evening before; yeah, Ma usually cooks for me but she had to work late that night; and whooo-whee! I heard the dials spinning almost as soon as he stuck that thing in there! He called in the nurse to verify the readings, it was so incredibly awful." (shakes head side to side, Norm and Woody roll eyes)

          "Anyway, word got around that it was kind of; well, dangerous to be behind me, if you know what I mean, so the Coach made me a running back. If the guys couldn't tackle me from the front they were afraid to run me down from behind! And that's how I ended up setting the state record for most yards gained in a single football season!" (raises beer glass high in self-salutory manner)

          "So, as a matter of fact, I owe my high school football career to that particular instrument! Here's to the Flatulence Detectorometer!"

          "Of course, now everyone here also knows the reason I've always had hard time sitting up straight at the bar!" (leans to one side and pats bottom)



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            I belive spope14 is right. I have a rev counter that is similar just not as many dials.

            Jim Koper
            J&R Machining
            Jim Koper
            J&R Machining


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              Definitely a stop watch and rev counter. Count the revs for one minute and you have RPM. For a different period of time and you still have RPM, just have to do a little math.

              Someone had a mechanical rev counter as a project a few years back in one of our host magazines.

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              Paul A.
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