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  • my dro Y axis

    Hey Wierdscience, as usual, you were absolutely correct on the mason bits, I didnt know they made em small enough, but a 1/8 carbide tipped mason bit worked perfectly. Heres the pic of my Y axis installation, now I just have to wait for the 8" calipers to go on sale at HF so I can do the X axis.

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    Bill, looks good! I'm assuming that you needed a carbide bit to drill through the caliper. They sure are hard suckers huh?
    I never thought of a cement drill. Wrecked a bunch of little drills and finally ended up finishing the holes with dental burrs.
    Are you going to use the DRO on the caliper or get one of those kits that use the caliper as a scale?
    I have tools I don't even know I own...


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      Torker, in the future im going to solder up one of those Shumatech DRO's, and my southbend lathe will get the same treatment. But for now, the DRO's on the scales will work, except for the x axis unless I use a dental mirror, lol.


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        Got any plans/pics of the SB lathe installation? Just need to do the X axis.

        BTW, a friend installed a dial indicator with a long extension on his lathe. If you have lots of room left of the headstock this is workable. My clearance is only five or six inches to the fridge, then the file cabinet, then the shaper, then the.......................................

        Barry Milton
        Barry Milton


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          Looks good Bill,glad the masonary bit worked out for you,little rascals are handy.
          I just need one more tool,just one!


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            Barry, the Southbend will be into the future, nothing right now. I was thinking about going with a glass scale on the long axis, but mainly been thinking about the cross slide, how to mount it there without it getting in the way of anything. Towards the headstock not a good idea, whack bang, its gone. Towards the tailstock side, gets in the way of the gib screws. I was thinking about a quadrature wheel and sensor mounted at the end of the cross slide out of the way, with a stainless steel wire in a loop setup to spin the endcoder as the cross slide moves, would need a spring to keep wire tension, but that idea just seams like too much complication and room for error. Hmm, could just mount the caliper on top of the crosslide, laying across that unused section of it. Easy to protect it with a sheetmetal sheild too.
            Yeh wierdscience, good thing I bought 2 of them, first one shattered.