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    Probably asking David...but anybody who knows, please pipe in.

    It has come time to build myself a new pottery kiln. I want to build a gas kiln, probably 10 cu ft, propane fired.

    I will be purchasing the burners and would like to purchase a BASO valve or just a solenoid gas valve of some sort to put on the pilot, just to shut the main burners off if the pilot fails.

    I would like to be able to use higher pressure gas, in the 10-12 PSI range, but most of the BASO's are rated for only 11" WC.

    Any suggestions? Trying to keep this as cheap as last quote on insulating fire bricks alone was around a grand for the quantity I need.


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    Didn't you ever watch animal house, Kilns kill people.
    Non, je ne regrette rien.


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      If you are going to fire with natural gas make sure that you have a purge cycle to make sure that you don't have any gas buildup in the kiln when you try to light it.



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        how will you be measuring the pressure? when I use my smaller venturi burners ( small orifice) the line pressure is really variable .25-40lbs but with my bigger burners, ( with larger orifice) the line pressure stays pretty low. what kind of burners are you going to use? how many btus/hr and what size of propane pig do you have or plan on having? lastly are you going to use hard brick/insboard/soft brick or osme sort of mix? I know its kind of off to topic but It would help to know. also what cone are you wanting to fire to?

        the pilot flame is not under the same pressure as the rest of the lines for gas, via a needle valve. make sure you use an explosion proof solinoid for the shut off.

        Remember that the whole kiln doesnt have to withstand the internal temps, sometimes the only affordible way to do is use the high quality / expensive stuff for the core and then use graduated layers of insulation twords the outside, ie fire brick liner red brick shell. also insaboard might really bring that price down, they have a smaller insaboard gas kiln at the local cummunity college ( maybe 6-8 cuft ) and its held up to bi weekly cone 10 firings for the last 5 years withought noticeable damage/change.


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          Why dont you try usuing the internals of a gas home heating unit and change out there orifie .

          they use a heat sensor and an electic igintion coil (modern) .