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buying my first home shop machine.

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  • buying my first home shop machine.

    I am going with a smithy 1220 add a 6" 4 jaw chuck a 1/2 mt collet and thats it, it runs on 110v and will be just fine for the home stuff i want,(I can go to a real shop 3 miles away for anything beyond)

    I looked around hard but for the home shop it will be a good start,and I dont want to go 220V yet I olny have so much cash now.

    what is funny is the guys at work where I will have it brought to are all as gung-ho as I am, they cant wait, its a cool "toy".

    If I need real big work I can go to the shop and use I have A 1440 goodway, a 14 X 88 mazak,10 x 50 3 hp komet mill, 11 x 54 hitachi sekki horz mill, a p70 pirahhna iron worker, a 50 ton and a 300 ton press, a #2 ws turret lathe and drills up to 2-9/16",burr king, big welders and all the goddies

    I think it will be fun to play at home realy just have fun, models,small steam, toys,,,,,

    I am ready to have fun and enjoy working in metal.

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    Mike...Ha...My first lathe was a little Unimat! Try turning a truck axle on that! . Actually I had a lot of fun with it and sometimes wish I still had one. It was really handy for very small stuff.
    Russ (who is now late for work...damn bbs's anyway )
    I have tools I don't even know I own...


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      a little Unimat would be fun right now to me, I would love one too. (it can live inside, the smithy will live outside) lol

      I did have a small wood lathe at home once ,but I found at 3,000 rpm it would shove a match stick size chunk of wood through your thumb.(I was done with wood turning) screw wood. lol,it did not hurt much more than my pride. on large machies I have done 40" square on foundry patterns and made the "big king" a 62" vertical turret lathe run at 56 rpm (that was as fast as it runs) I was 23 years old and had no fear the big cope patterns could have flown apart and got me but I made nice stuff there, 100 years from now my parts will work.