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flux for low temp silver solder

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  • flux for low temp silver solder

    can anyone recomend a flux for low temp silver solder?

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    By low temp silver solder do you mean silver bearing lead or tin based solder melting about 400 to 500 degrees? If so use any commercial solder flux. I prefer to use "No-Korrode" flux because it stays where you want it.

    If you're looking for especially clean joints then use a zinc cloride acid flux but clean it up thoroughly afterwards and neutralize the acid.

    As with any soldering operation work with clean bright bare metal.

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      Brownells Inc sell low temp silver solder & matching flux. Works Great!

      Barry Milton
      Barry Milton


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        Yes Forrest, thats the stuff. I have a problem with the flux turning black like its turning to carbon before the work is hot enough to melt the solder. I have tried a couple of fluxes, maybe I will try some more. By the way Forrest, I find your writing in H.S.M. very informative. I am not a rookie in the maching area but I never fail to learn new things from your articles.

        Brownells used to sell a flux called blitz, I think. It worked pretty well but they don't seem to sell it anymore and won't ship any flux they do sell,to Canada.