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    I am looking for a good wheel for drill grinding, on a 6" bench grinder. The general purpose wheels glaze, and burn the drill bit, because they are too hard. I have a wheel for sharpening woodworking tools, but it is too soft, and breaks down too quick. Any suggestions?


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    It sounds like the woodworking wheel is like Norton's 38A. Cuts fast & cool but doesn't hold form.

    I use Norton's 32A, one medium & one fine. Here's their catalog description "32A: A strong, sharp, very versatile abrasive for a wide range of applications. For all tool steels requiring moderate to heavy stock removal rate."

    I bought mine from Grainger but all the big distributors carry them.

    Barry Milton

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    Barry Milton


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      I like the Norton 32A wheels too. I've never actually bought one, I just take the throw aways from work after they get too small to use on the surface grinders and use 'em in my 6 inch bench grinder at home, make a nylon bushing to bush them down to my grinder shaft.
      Also, a guy I know who hand sharpens drill bits for a living swears by the Camel brand wheels that J&L sells.