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  • My New Car

    I built myself a new ride. It is primarily a parade car, and a toy. The inspiration came from the following website. Future plans include a red padded seat, and a black surrey top. I'll mount signs advertising my business on the side.

    Arbo & Thor (The Junkyard Dog)

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    Neat..... Is that a Millermatic 251 in the background? How do you like it?



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      awesome! what kind of wheels are they and what engine did you use? that is a project i could get interested in.

      andy b.
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        Arbo, nice job! Also, thanks for the url on smallcarplans. I glanced over all of his newsletters and it looks pretty interesting.
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          Yes, that is an MM251. It has been a great machine. I have it about a year now. I also set it up with the 30A spoolgun for aluminum, and that works great also.

          The wheels are 20" 144 spoke bicycle wheels I bought from a vendor on eBay. The engine is a 6.5HP B&S. Power is transfered through a Comet torque converter and a jackshaft before it gets to the rear axle. Top speed is about 20MPH.
          Arbo & Thor (The Junkyard Dog)