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Wanted UK Hardinge Chucker Saddle Motor

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  • Wanted UK Hardinge Chucker Saddle Motor

    I've been given a Hardinge Chucker.
    it's in good condition......but it only has the armature on it for the saddle.
    The outer field windings and case have been transfered to another lathe.
    the original,off the other lathe have been mislaid.
    Does anyone have one of these motors .....OR the outer motor case with the windings.
    Dont offer me just any motor ......because they are "DC" and they are speed controlled with a knob on a box.
    Give me a shout if you have one OR know where I could get one prefered
    Also need some thread forms......if that's what they are called.....because it has the thread copying atatchment on it.
    all the best..mark