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    I was asked by manager to come up with key metrics for my prototype shop. Although the term
    "metrics" has always held a different meaning for me, I beleive I know what he wants.
    Scrap rate, order date to ship date, etc.
    Any body have any valuable "metrics" that they track? I don't want to keep up with alot of useless information.
    The shop is for medical prototype and custom instrument production.
    Any input would be much appreciated.

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    Keep track of how often you miss a deadline and the exact reason why. This allows you to determine if suppliers are a problem, inventory is adequate or workflow needs to be changed.
    Free software for calculating bolt circles and similar: Click Here


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        Some of what I've come up with:
        1) Order receipt date to ship date
        2) Scrap rate.
        3) Revisions during production.
        4) Orders completed monthly
        5) Components completed monthly
        6) Missed deadlines
        Any of you shop owners think of other items that would be beneficial?


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          Some of my home shop metrics:

          1) How much more fun it is to destroy something vs. fixing it.
          2) How much money is enough to burn a hole into a 2" thick steel plate.
          3) The longest distance I can carry a HF ARC regardless of controllability.
          4) How long of an angry flame can you hold with a can of WD-40 before you release.
          5) How fast you can cut an empty aluminum can in half with an O/A cutting torch.
          6) How much PSI is needed to blow up an empty plastic 2 liter bottle.