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After My Rodent Wrist Surgery

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  • After My Rodent Wrist Surgery

    Instead of try to explain things and show pictures here and there, I made a simple webpage concerning my surgery:


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    I hate to be the one to break this to you but no matter what the doctors say, you will not be able to go back to swinging a blacksmith hammer without undoing all that the surgery has wrought. I have had the bi-lateral medial nerve releases, Guyan (sp)Channel realeases, and the Dequervains releases as well. Now I will probably need the elbo surgery as well.

    1) If you go back to the work that gave you tha carpal tunnel problems, they will come back.

    2) It will take you a year or so to get back the 80% of your hand strength that will return.

    3) if you get forced back to work too early your prognosis is rather poor. Don't let them BS you. It took me a year before I could open a heavy self closing door with one hand. That is typical of everyone I know that has had the surgery.

    4) If you have recurring/constant diffuse pain in the hand that the doctors can't seen to diagnose, it is Dequervains. The medical establishment thinks it is rare, but almost everyone that I know that has had the surgery has some Dequervains problems as well. Since the MDs "know" its rare they never look for it. This surgery gave me the most relief of everything that was done. Sadly it took them 6 more years to find it after the MNRs.

    Good luck

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      Nice to hear your surgery came off well. From reading the post above, it occurs to me it might be well to use all that artistic ability and find other mediums till you're stronger. Engraving is a great one. Still keeps you in metal work but with a Gravermeister and some of the other small handheld pneumatic devices it's much less stress on the hands and arms.

      As for using the pneumatic devices for engraving, it doesn't matter how the chips get on the floor as long as the right ones get there! Cutting steel with a chisel is very satisfying rewarding. You might find that the two art forms compliment one another pretty well.

      good luck and don't be afraid to try other mediums. Metal work is metal work wether you beat it into submission with a 5-8 lb hammer or coax it with a small chisel and chasing hammer. If you want to talk about it drop me an email. Someone on this board is doing silver smithing too.
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        Jerry, good luck with your recovery and keep us posted. Sweeping generalizations aside I'm sure you will make a good recovery.

        "Good judgment comes from experience, and often experience comes from bad judgment" R.M.Brown

        My shop tour


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          I had both of my elbows done a couple of years ago. Now is the time in my life to start teaching other what I do, I know I will not be able to go back to the way I was working, but in my shop I am the boss, I answer only to the cat.
          So it is becoming time for me to become the supervisor, teacher, the historian, but I have been doing that all along, I just have been doing a great deal of the physical work too.

          Almost all of my equipment is paid for, the shop/bunsiness debt is under 2 grand. So it's time to invest more in to my work force and less into new toys. Teach the young everything you know and you will be immortal.

          But I wanted a shaper and a die filer real bad, well maybe the next generation will buy htem.



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            It's unclear if any rodents got hurt prior, durring, or after your surgery?



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              Carpel Tunnel got nicknamed Rodent Wrist by the computer folks because they were alway mousing around. My current computer mouse is a live and well and happy not be consumed by my cat.


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                Wish you all the best with the recovery Jerry.

                Enjoyed looking around you web site. Well done! Thank's for sharing that with us.

                Live long and prosper.