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  • Collects for rusnok head

    Hi guys. New to the board but i have been a HSM for over twenty five years. I really enjoy reading all the comments and have learned a lot, especially hearing about all the different ways of doing the same job. Recently i acquired a Rockwell horizontal mill with,,, a rusnok vertical attachment,(my fourth mill, along with my Index vertical mill, Atlas bench mill, and a horizontal-vertical aircraft industries mill, like i really needed another one????????). The rusnok head came with only one collet and i need a few bigger sizes. I called Electro-Mechano in Millwauke, a supplier of rusnok parts. Yes, they said they have the collets they call them "y" collets, at $43.00 apiece. These collets look like ER collets, but an ER16 is too small and an ER20 is slightly too big. Do any of you out there know of any other source for these "y" collets that might be a little cheaper? $43.00 seems a bit steep. Thanks guys.

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    Pretty much everything in this post:

    ...also applies to Y collets, they are a double taper collet a bit smaller than the Z's that the Tree's take. From their website ( ) it looks like TSD/Universal has been bought but I assume they'll still send you a catalog or refer you to a dealer. Ebay and patience will probably be your best bet though.

    edit #1: Of course you'd relace the "z collet*" search with "y collet*". (The asterisk will return listings with both collet and collets in the title.)

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      You can get new Y collets for less than $10 each from Detroit Automatic Tooling. You can get their phone number from their website:
      If memory serves me, they may also sell used ones for something like $5 each.

      Anderson Tooling used to sell Y collets too. Not sure if they still do.

      I have a Rusnok too. The Y collets show up infrequently on eBay and are generally pretty trashed. With new ones available so cheap, that's what I bought.