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    We're about to have new shingles installed on house roof (coastal Maine). Any words of wisdom would be welcome. For example, there seems to be a difference of opinion about the merits of fiber glass based shingles.


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    Roofing tip of the week: DON'T SHINGLE FROM THE RIDGE DOWN.

    Start at the eaves.

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      2nd roofing tip of the week.....

      Shingles suck......Get corrugated iron...

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      Precision takes time.


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        Heavy "Architect" shingles are worth the extra money.Cheap shingles LOOK like cheap shingles.


        When I was young I worked for an 82 year old roofer named "Harry". We were starting a residential job when the woman of the house came out and asked Harry about the guarantee on the roof job. Harry replied, "What do you want? 20 years? 50 years? 100 years? I'm 82 years old, I'll give you any guarantee you want.",with a BIG grin.

        Harry was cool and like all roofers would go to the local tavern after work to get his reward of a line of boilermakers.That to me was a real success story..........................


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          I Re-roofed my house 5 years ago. The old shingles came off in pieces every time the wind blew more than about 20 mph. I replaced them with fibre glass Architectural shingles with a 40 year guarantee and an 80 mile an hour wind rating. I was more concerned with the wind rating as I did not want to pick up any shingles in the yard after a storm. FYI my house is on top of a hill with no trees shading the house. I've had 50-60 mph winds since the roofing job and no shingles on the ground. By the way, these shingles weigh considerably more and are thicker than conventional shingles. If I remember corectly, there were 4 bundles to a square instead of the typical 3.
          Happy roofing, Matt


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            Yeah, get the best shingles you can find. Compared to the amount of work it takes to put them on, the cost of even the most expensive shingles is minimal.

            These intrigue me. Never used them though.
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              Aren't all modern shingles made with fiberglass? I've done quite a bit of shingling over the years myself. A few opinions have formed for me. One, you get exactly what you pay for as far as roofing materials. two, I would never reshingle a roof in an area where there is the possibility of ice dams without 3 feet of ice dam protector above the top wall plate, or reshingle over an old roof. three, so called wind lock or interlocking shingles are a joke. You can't flash properly with them, no way no how, at which point the flashing underneath becomes the roof, and the shingles a decoration. In a 60 mph wind, they don't come off in ones and twos, but great big areas all at once.
              Another thing, choose your roofing contractor carefully. For some reason seems to attract more wanna be's and scam artists than any other construction trade.

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                My contractor asked me if I wanted to pay extra for 30 year archetectual shingles over 25 year shingles. A friend told me to tell him no because you couldn't by 25 year shingles if you wanted! My job was done with 30 year shingles according to the wrappers in the yard!

                Kind of like paying extra money to have you plastic eyeglasses dipped in a magical anti scratch coating. I told them no I didn't want the anti-scratch coating and is there someway you can garuentee me that they won't dip them anyway! (that dip is a routine part of the eyeglass making process)

                I would say this, if you're over 60, living on fixed income I wouldn't go nuts on expensive roofing unless you plan to live to be 200! I've reached the age where I'm filtering all purchases that way! Every penny I can save can be spent on "billet" material for the shop or left to my errors

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                  <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Your Old Dog:
                  My contractor asked me if I wanted to pay extra for 30 year archetectual shingles over 25 year shingles. A friend told me to tell him no because you couldn't by 25 year shingles if you wanted! My job was done with 30 year shingles according to the wrappers in the yard!</font>
                  I haven't roofed in a long time but I think what we are talking here is weight and thickness of the roofing material.
                  I.E.--3 bundles per square vs 4 bundles per square.
                  Around here almost no one puts on lightweight shingles, and realtors will tell you that a architect roof will definitely make the property more attractive to buyers and is a good investment.


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                    Once the roofing heats up and glues itself it is "one" roof. The sticky seam on the back is the trick. Premuim shingles last. Pull a chalk line, lay them on it. Butted end to end like the instructions on the bundle say. Not overlapped. 1st row upside down on the eave. Second row on top. Put your flashing up before shingling on the eaves. Believe it or not, you must have a circulation to keep from "burning up the shingles" if the attic gets too hot it will happen. If it don't get hot enough it will never seam-seal and lock the shingles together.

                    Metal roofing is better in some ways, it goes up fast. Don't stack it. I had two bundles bought for my addition. I stacked one, moisture got in between the sheets and was a white powder on the painted finish as I put it up. Now it is rusted. Other side bought at same time looks wonderful. I am still cussing and wishing I had shingled it. (and it is on the street side of house)

                    I am not a engineer, nor do I play one on television, just a lot of real world useless information. I read a lot and retain much crapola in between the lines.

                    I hate roofing.


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                      <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by ibewgypsie:

                      I hate roofing.

                      Yep,roofing blows.


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                        Flat roofing blows.


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                          I should have said "overlap tabs- tangs as told on instructions, do not overlap end to end" No black color should be visible. Only the tang or tab color.

                          Warranty? It is your fault. No real warranty exists with shingles. If you are a homeowner and not a licensed insured contractor you lose before they even listen to you.

                          He laughed at my sheet metal roofing. EVERY ROOFER KNOWS NOT TO GET IT WET. My 30 year warranty was worth zip.

                          Sculpted 3d or architech shingles hide installion flaws much better. Flat regular shingles must be installed with much more care.

                          It is highly visible of your house. The end result shows highly and affects the value of your home.


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                            What's all this 25 year lark?
                            Roofs around here are tiled, most of the houses around me are over 100 years old and most still have their original roofs.

                            I must admit to having a new roof done after 92 years as the lead gullies were in a bad way and I knew I was extending and wanted the new part to match.
                            All the tiles were removed by hand, stored and sold on for restoration work.
                            That saved a third of the cost of the roof.

                            You can't see the house roof but it maatches the extension. The other houses in the background are the same age as ours, built in 1901, still on original roofs and still good for another 100 years.

                            John S.

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                              The warrenty on shingles ain't worth the paper they wrap the bundle in, If you choose ( ICO ) shingle, ashphault 25 Year, 90 days after installation, 8 shingles shriveled up & fell apart, now mind ya , this is a new building, I call the Pr_ck that sold them to me, he would not evan come down to look at them, he gave me a phone #, which wasn't the manufacturer, it was a firm in Chicago hired to handle compolaints, the same year a local contractor had to replace 2 church roofs, using the same brand. So my advice is ignore the warrenty and Don't buy any ICO shingles, the people were real a_ _ holes & I got no help wiyth the roof, are replacing it this year, looks like its 30 yrs. old at the age of 5. Now that burns my hindend, 25 year warren. (ya right)