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    <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by AZSORT:
    To answer the power/weight issue. Here is a new startup with an advanced motor. Of course it doesn't include battery weight, but that is changing too.</font>
    How can you "answer the power/weight issue" without the weight of the batteries? That's the whole argument! No batteries = 0 RPM, and 0 HP. Not very impressive!

    Some people clearly don't understand how an IC engine and an electric motor work.

    Take the TZero for instance... It's tuned for power/performance so it gets a whopping 200HP for around 100miles... This setup is a high-current/high-performance configuration.

    Take the Cobra's 427 for instance. It's highly tuned for ECONOMY and NOT performance. If this engine was tuned for performance, you
    would be running a low compression engine, with a super charger force feeding massive amounts of fuel and air significantly increasing the power/weight ratio. In this performance configuration, you're more in line with the Tzero at 100 miles per tank of fuel.

    It's funny how you never see a super high-current high-power AMP guzzling electric motor compared with the equivalent alcohol blown performance tuned 3000 HP++ IC engine. Why not? They both weight around the same.. They both consume their energy source at the same rate...

    It's always a high performance electric motor, compared with a non-high performance economy tuned IC engine.



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      Evan. With alchahol and Bdiesel you run into the same technological and economic problems as with petroleum. How much energy does it take to produce each as opposed to petroleum? What type of infrastructure is going to be needed to supply both on a greater scale? You just can't take an existing petroleum refinery and convert it to producing Bdiesel.

      There is a company here in the midwest somewhere that is using animal offal as it's feedstock and converting it into usable fuel for trucks and busses. They claim that their refinig process uses half the energy as a refinery would.


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        "With alchahol and Bdiesel you run into the same technological and economic problems as with petroleum"

        Well, to some degree. You aren't going to need nearly as much to just heat the cabin of an electric car. Without cabin heat you simply don't have a useable product where I live. The cabin heater can be some sort of external combustion system. That is far cleaner than an IC engine such as found in a hybrid.
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          <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by J Tiers:
          The deal about electric being generated so what about pollution....

          Its a matter of where, and how much. First, the electric plant is FAR more efficient than any automobile.

          Second, the pollution from the auto is right there in your face, damaging you daily. The pollution from electric plants is less per power unit produced, although different in character, and it isn't blowing in your face direct from the next jerk's tailpipe. Big difference.
          Touche' This is true, and this is probably the primary method by which electric cars can be more efficient. So yes, economies of scale apply not just to cost, but to environmental impact, for similar reasons. This is less true, however, for hydrogen cars, since it takes a lot of juice (or natural gas) to produce hydrogen.



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            I want a car that runs on SEX!
            (or meatloaf).

            Tom M.