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Stinking Bike thieves, tried again.

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  • Stinking Bike thieves, tried again.

    I scratched my bike with all the building materiels moving around it. I moved it out onto the porch as soon as the metal gates closed in the front yard.

    Last night about 3am, I was sitting in the living room watching some tele and I noticed a truck going by about 5mph with people pointing inside the truck. Well now that was fine, but after the 4th trip back by I decided to step outside into the light with the mini-14/laser and "dot" thier windshield. I didn't shoot, but it sounded like a jet leaving. Stupid country hicks. I had the bike right under a light, next to the dining room window, (where my bed is temporary)
    They'd never gotten away with it, They just don't know that. I have saw it all in the last 32 years, freon freezing locks to embrittle them, towels wrapped around bolt cutters to muffle the "snap", Benzolite torch bottles, and my favorite From Florida, 4 big burly boys with two iron bars that simply slip the bars through the wheels pick it up and walk off. Damn Wannabe's see too much television.

    It's back in the livingroom now. Jaguar (SU) carburetor is coming off. I can't get the float right, and the rascal sheared the clutch hub half moon key.. And.. My front wheel is still on the mill (springer is in the closet) The key, well I must not have had it seated, that'll take them out faster than a big man doing burnouts.

    Just some more mud to be slung, then paint and carpet and I AM DONE FOR A WHILE. I am selling the nail gun, I done got rid of the big fancy chopsaw.

    David Cofer, Of:
    Tunnel Hill, North Georgia

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    Your place reminds me of when I was not married...ever notice how priorities and housekeeping changes once a woman enters the picture? And seldom for the better.

    Nice bike.

    You may want to tighten up security. The bad boys knew you had a bike before and now they also know that you have at least one gun worth stealing. Don't think they won't be back...they will. Either they will wait you out or bring their own guns with them.

    I too have seen it all.

    Good luck.



    • #3 when are you getting the "Shoot first, ask questions later" deal like Florida may get?
      When I was a kid it was a big crime if someone stole a few things out of your garden.
      It's getting stupid even in our small town.
      Broke into a chainsaw shop and cleaned him out. Nearly 50 saws...a lot of them worth near $1500 each.
      Broke into the local school board building...stole a huge wood planer (2000 pounds) and some other big stuff.
      Whoever it is must have a forklift on a need one to steal a lot of the bigger things they take.
      The "shoot first" deal just might put an end to a lot of this BS.
      I have tools I don't even know I own...


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        <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by ibewgypsie:
        My front wheel is still on the mill (springer is in the closet)</font>
        I might have stopped, pointed at it.. Drove away... Drove back, pointed at it with some friends... Drove away..... Drove back, pointed at it with some different friends... Drove away... Drove back... Took some pictures of it.... Drove away..... Drove back.... Took some more pictures with me in the foreground, and your bike in the background..... Drove away.... It wasn't because I wanted to steel it, it was just because we hadn't seen something that funny looking in awhile



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          How about 200lbs of mans best friend?

          James Kilroy


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            3phase, I put the "factory japanese" Showa FXE front end on it to move it. I knowed I could move it with just the rear wheel, I also knowed I could destroy the paint. I still ended up picking it up and turning it around. It was a complete bike/minus front fender.

            Not so funny.

            My dog is in the rear, he is so smart, but someone with a club or a piece of poisoned meat cures a dog from interfering. Neighbors dog that was on the NW corner of my fence turned up missing this morning. They have been hollering all day for him/her.

            Darned old harleys, I know.. You always have to park where you can sit in a restruant and eat. Always have to have a ground floor motel room, Always. THE Parts fit most other years up to the big evo change making them worth as much in parts are together. I got a buddy who started riding Jap bikes just so he didn't have to worry about Wanna-be-badass'es stealing his bike. He looks funny on a Ducatti.. (where is that thing made?) Tattoos flying in the breeze.

            I got the yard locked up to where Carrol mentioned She would not be surprised if I gave her a outfit with a number on it. 6' chainlink all around. Iron gates. I was losing gasoline out of my lowrider truck about three times a month. *you know when food stamps are not mailed.. or SS checks?

            Most thieves are a lazy bunch, if it is more trouble they will go search out a better victim. Hence the attacks on old people that happen so often. These were probably stupid country boys. I have not lost any gasoline since the fence. It directs thier travel into lighted areas and they are probably too lazy or fat to climb over.

            As soon as the house is finished I have promised myself a nice ride somewhere. You know like the 80's vacation I left on for weeks. Just kinda let the front wheel choose interstates. Not sure "this" is the bike for that thou. It is a stroker and not made it across the state yet. May have to borrow one a little milder/dependable. (maybe rent a honda?)


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              That may be cured, I just had a phone offer $3,000 more than invested in the bike. (paint was about 100-200 in materiels)

              A Roadking with air seat is what I'd like to have. I don't really like a bagger. Strip all that junk off.


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                yeahyeahyeah. The chair, man... Lemme take a closer look at that chair, Ibe? Way cool.


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                  That is a old barber chair. Works well, ulpholstery is good. Made after the "fancy" ones with all the ornamental work on them. This one is plain-jane. It is worth about $150-200, same are available local to you. where ever you are that is.

                  I used it tattooing for years, wiped with bleach for years.

                  Do you need it? I was planning on moving it down to the shop to do programming out of. I don't really have the room. It is a bear to move, about 400lbs or so.

                  TORKER: I know a guy who builds race engines. Some (2) Crackheads (were caught later) broke in and carried off eight assembled engines. Now I guess the want for the drug, or the drug turns loose the endorphins like the old Angel dust used to. (cops could not hold down small junkie dopeheads on angel dust)

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                    <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by ibewgypsie:
                    That is a old barber chair. Works well, ulpholstery is good</font>
                    I bet if you put that outside on the porch, You'll get old folks driving up slow, stopping, looking and pointing at it.... Don't point the red dot at them though



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                      I don't lock up much,locked doors means nobody is home/steal all you want here.Open doors leaves them guessing/wondering if your there,when you might come back if your not.

                      Never worried about my vehicles,if somebody stole one they needed it to get to the hospital and couldn't find anything better

                      Me I would open the gates up,unlock the house/shop and surround the front yard in police tape maybe even a tape outline or two.It will keep normal scum honest,crackheads...well like they say,that crack don't smoke itself.
                      I just need one more tool,just one!


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                        Dave, nice shovel. Always good to see one that hasn't been all tarted up with chrome.


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                          Had some punk walk up into my driveway and try to steal my old Mustang dragcar years ago. Little did he know at the time I was working second shift and was wide awake at 3:30AM. He also didn't know I had a safety/security fuel pump switch under the frond seat. Anyway he got it started (push button starter) and had broken the lock on the steering then fires up my full race 410" smallblock with 3 inch flowmasters, the whole neighborhood came out to see the show as little me casually walked out my front door with my 9mm in one hand my mag light in the other, right on cue the carb ran out of gas half a block from my house and I hauled the punk out of the car and beat the piss out of him. When the cops (who know me well and in a good way) arrived one winked at me and told the guy he should be more careful when walking so he would fall down and get so badly hurt. Since that time I haven't had any trouble other than three cops cars arriving in my driveway one night as I was sitting in my old Porsche having a smoke, seems they thought I was trying to steal my own car until they recognized me. Now I smoke on the front porch LOL. One thing I'll always wonder about is if word of the attempted car theft didn't get around somehow, I'm a small guy only about 150lbs but I do work out and know how to win a fight but it just doesn't explain the "street credit" I get when walking the neighborhood. If they only knew me better, I'm easy going, friendly and use violence as a last resort, maybe the fact that the other guy always goes to the hospital has something to do with it. What worries me the most is I'm moving back to the country next year onto a 7 acre lot with a well secluded house, I figure I better spend a bunch more time at the range before the move.

                          Anyway Dave, everyone knows a "real" biker keeps his ride in the living room LOL

                          -Christian D. Sokolowski


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                            One of my friends back in high school kept getting his car radio stolen so we hot-glued some razor blades under his dash. One day he went to get into his car and the door was cracked open, and there was blood all over his front seat, blood on his stearing wheel, blood on his door handle, and all over the floor.. Musta been a good 16 oz or so of it. He ended up spending more effort cleaning up the mess than throwing a new radio in..



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                              3ph: I pulled the razor blades superglued to a gas cap once. Was a good blood trail out to the street where two black marks left the scene.

                              Man-trapping, boobytrapping carries a longer jail sentence than just shooting them in the head. (a local ma/pop grocery store had some 120 volt burgalar alarms and he went off to prison about ten years ago) Young black boy got "burned" and lost a finger trying to short it out.

                              I hope I never have to. (shoot someone) It sure angers a man to work all his life and let some scumbag use your home as a bank, or free stuff. I think it is closest thing a Man ever has to being raped. (except in prison)

                              You are probably right about the barber chair, but then not at 3am. I saw the pickup again, going by at 70+. I could not read the lettering on the door, something cabinet shop. Meaning, the guy doing drugs or whatever was out stealing from someone elses vehicle.

                              Home invasions are on the rise. Anyone who does not lock thier doors is asking to be a victim. Even big strong men can be taken down with a screwdriver or club if it happens fast enough.

                              As gasoline goes up in price so does the thefts. As stupidity is on the rise so does the thefts to pay for it.