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    I looked at the Little Machine Shop ones, and I thought they were the clunkiest items I had ever seen.

    I doubt they would clear the tailstock. I definitely would advise some caution considering those.

    Keep eye on ball.
    Hashim Khan


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      I've been using a router motor for internal grinding. I made a sturdy tool post bracket from 2" thick aluminum to grip a new Bosch router motor around its 'barrel' much like Bosch's router base grips the motor. To slow things down a bit, I use one of those cheap speed controls ... that probably brings the speed down from 25,000 to around 10,000.
      I think it is important to use a router with [1] good/new bearings and [2] a long collet to better grip the tool shank.


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        Tom is there any chance you could post a pic of the "router turned grinder"? It sounds like something I want to do. Sorry for the hijack Jim.


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          Daarp, I don't have the capability to create or transmit electronic images. BUT, if you will give me a mailing address, I'll shoot some color prints and mail them to you via the USPS. Perhaps you could post them on this site, or better yet, post pix of your new/improved holder/bracket when you get it operational. Tom [[email protected] 717-642-8160]


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            When this topic came up, I was in the middle of building one from the plans in HSM (D.Johnson I think). I have finished it, and this weekend it got warm enough to paint. Wish I could remember how to put in thumbnails, but here are links to pictures:
            The first group should be parts.
            The next are trial fit, everything together
            And finally, finished and painted.

            The frame is cast iron, the spindle is 1144 Stressproof, the guards are bent up from 1/8" and 12 gauge steel,and welded.The motor mount is 1/4" steel. This is a change from the original plans in which the frame and motor mount were aluminum. Power is a Porter Cable laminate trimmer. Looking back, I ordered materials the end of January, so it's been a relatively short project. All together, a fun, and I hope, useful project.


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              Nice job Sprocket!

              What issue of HSM were those plans in? Err... A quick search reveals Jan/Feb and Mar/Apr of 1999. Bummer, that is why I don't have those issues! Way before my time. Oh well...

              That's my story and I'm sticking to it...
              That\'s my story and I\'m sticking to it...


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                Great Job Sprocket!

                That's a class A paint job too..



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                  Sorry This was an End Mill Grinder, pain meds for my hand make me a little cloudy this time of day.

                  I was wondering about the cheap end mill grinder that KITTS Tools sells, it's like $150. Is it junk or just something new the chinese are putting on the market.


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                    That's a beautiful thing, Sprocket. I'd buy the how-to CD!



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                      TOM CPM10V is absolutely correct in suggesting a router and a Bosch. I bought one of their POF45's to do a small job and read the accompanying blurb. Originally, the machine was a toolpost grinder and not the other way around.

                      Again, Chaddock's Quorn T&C is part of my workshop. The Magneto bearings will stand re-sharpening small dies and making 1/10th dia end mills. I can't see the damned things but Chaddock did.

                      For those who feel like making something dedicated to their lathe, the New Zealander Jack A Radford and the Brit, Ian Bradley have published designs.

                      It is interesting and pertinent to mention that this information has been published- almost verbatim- in recent posts.
                      Little wonder that some of us attempt to liven the dead.


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                        that grinder is beautiful!!!!

                        andy b.
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