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How do you use this?

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  • How do you use this?

    Found this on Ebay....I like it! It's shiny!!!
    But how the heck would you use this thing?
    I have tools I don't even know I own...

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    You use it the same way you use these:

    Some small aluminum scraps I TIG'd together for practice.. the fit was extreamly poor with up ta 1/4" gaps on some pieces. They are made from 0.063 3030 alum. I tried to polish one. You hold them in your hand and try to toss them in the scrap bin, but it's too hard.



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      I would guess it would be used to inspect the roundness of a hole bored to the diameter of the large circular piece.

      It would be inserted in the bore and the indicator and holder pivoted on the shaft to measure runout of the bore. It is dedicated to the size of the plug.
      Jim H.


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        Geez Adrian - nice work. Yeah, I know that with 20-years of TIG experience, the pro could make them nicer, but I tried similar work years ago, and I didn't do as well. I also had slag fall into my shoe. (Leather shoe guards were one of the first things I got when the wife got me a MIG for my birthday)

        I can completely identify with the difficulty of scrapping practice parts when you begin to make good welds. I have some stainless like that.

        Looks like the TIG class was worth it - I'm still looking for something similar around here.


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        The curse of having precise measuring tools is being able to actually see how imperfect everything is.


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          Thanks JC...sort of hard to tell from that picture. It was shiny...I had to know
          Wouldn't be a very useful thing for me I guess. But you never know til you ask!
          I have tools I don't even know I own...