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Need help finding a new owner for my lathe

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  • Need help finding a new owner for my lathe

    Hi all,
    I'm needing to find a new home (owner) for a lathe I have that is too big for my needs. I'm not an Ebay seller (but have bought from there), and haven't had the chance to surf and post it on used machine classifieds sites.
    I'd prefer to "trade" it for a smaller, more practical model that would at least fit in my shop.
    It is a 16" L&S from about the mid-late 40's or 1950's I think.
    If anyone is interested, or can help me find a new home for it, email me at: [email protected] for details. The price is more than fair, and I'll load it for whomever will give me only what I have invested.

    Sorry if I'm breaking the "no advertising" rules here, that's not my intent, I just knew this would be the place to turn for help finding someone who can make use of this behemoth instead of letting it go to waste.


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    If I only lived closer.

    But Dang! Then I'd be cold!


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      Why not post it here? No cost.;f=4

      The guys on that board seem to like the big lathes.

      Paul in NE Ohio
      Paul in NE Ohio


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        You wouldn't happen to know Joe Hora would you?


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          Yep, I know him. :-) He knows of me, too, but we don't work necessarily "with" each other. We share customers at times, etc.


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            Kplugnut, how did you get a name like "lugnut" ?

            I would rather have tools that I never use, than not have a tool I need.
            Oregon Coast


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              lol...well, the "KP" part stands for Kinetic Performance (we build racing carburetors).
              I somehow got the nickname "lugnut" after being the so-called "company mechanic" at a desk job I've had for 19 years. The geeks in "cubicle world" seem to value having someone around who can help them figure out how to get the keys out of their car when they're too dumb to move the locked steering column slightly in order to unlock the key tumbler mechanism in the steering column....(just one of many examples).
              Anyway, one of my co-workers stuck me with that name about 15 years ago and these days the internet is the only place I use it...

              KPLugnut, aka Dayton Umholtz
              co-owner of Kinetic Performance


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                cool, I met him last year when I was up your
                way attending a friends graduation. Interesting guy, (pipe and all) :-).