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Request for Quote two AL parts

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  • Request for Quote two AL parts

    I have two parts that I would like machined from 6061 aluminum or whatever's cheapest. I or the supplier can provide the aluminum. I use I am looking for a small, low cost shop preferably in MO to cut down on shipping cost. Precision/smooth surfaces is not important in these parts, in fact the rougher the surfaces the better for my application. Low cost is key. You can see the pdfs for diagrams of the parts. The heat sink part is listed on page 8 of the pdf file which has multiple pages. The chamber part is the single page pdf file.

    I am considering 10 of each part to start out depending on price. No rush whatsoever in the time frame.

    A part time/retired/hobbyist machinist who could make these semiprototype parts ata reduced rate might be ideal.

    Email me if you are interested and I will send you the pdf and dxf files right away.

    Best regards,

    Michael Reichert

    [email protected]