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OT: The estrogen is so thick I could cut it with a knife!

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    Opera's OK, especially Gilbert & Sullivan stuff. Some orcestral stuff too. Paverotti & the other tenors can't strut & jiggle like Britanny though & the kids hate opera....
    I retreat to the shop & bend metal....


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      pgmrday, I must have a few years on you. We went thru the worst of our similar situation about 8 years ago. But it was me that mentioned the D word. Told her I'd give her everything, just leave me with my 401k and the tools and I'd make a new life for myself. Told her she was broke and needed to get fixed. Quality of life is more important than any other issues for me. The next week she made Dr. appt, got on the meds and life is back to normal. It's quite possibly the most frank discussion I ever had with her. No hollering, just calm to the point discussion that lasted maybe 5 minutes. I'm glad things went the way they did, we've gotten along real well except for that chapter of our lives. Good luck

      Can't get into Pavorotti for me but Sarah Brightman's "One Night in Eden" DVD has about 50 plays on it and Andy Botchalini (Andrea Boccelli) has about the same! That's about as close to opera as I care to get. Hell, even my kids like brightman!
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      Thank you to our families of soldiers, many of whom have given so much more then the rest of us for the Freedom we enjoy.

      It is true, there is nothing free about freedom, don't be so quick to give it away.


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        My wife of 41 years and I get along real well. Our 40 year old daughter and her three teenage kids was supposed to be with us for two or three weeks, it is now going on 21/2 years and I am about to go out of my mind.

        I am the one that is making it hard on the wife.

        I have put a dead line on, move out with or without a job.

        Thank God for the shop and my dentist chair. I can get a real good nap in that chair.

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        Don\'t ask me to do a dam thing, I\'m retired.


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          NOW, I remember why I never got remarried!
          Mine only tried to knife me, a well placed fist changed her mind.
          Well, maybe I do miss the combat scenes.


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            My buddy had his oldlady threaten to leave,she said "if I had my own vehicle I would gone in ten minutes"

            He threw his keys to her and said"gee is that all it takes? It's only a 1/2 ton Chevy,I got parts for six more in the barn,If I had known it was that easy your ass would have been gone two years ago"

            After that she got real quiet and suddenly her attitude changed

            Russ,yep that's the one Saw Gwen Stefani on letterman the othernight,and yes Dave she does have fantasic legs

            That's why I like dating,or as I call it"catch and release"
            Just wish wildlife and fish had a tagging program for those like they do geese
            I just need one more tool,just one!


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              Now Gwen Stefani is a completely different matter. Britney doesn't hold a candle to Gwen. And I'm sure Gwen has much better legs than Luciano!

              Yep, the wife started packing her bags and told me to move my truck out of the way so she could back her SUV out of the garage and leave.

              I gave her a few minutes alone then moved my truck. She calmed down after that.

              I guess she was surprised I called her bluff. I wasn't about to beg her to stay. Except for one other episode she's been pretty quiet since then.

              Last week she went to visit her parents for 3 days down in St. Louis. She came back home when she said she would.

              I'm getting tired of feeling like I'm walking on eggshells though.

              Dating = catch and release
              Man, that's a good one.

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                Come on guys haven't you figured out the mother in law angle yet? Example: a client of mine gave me Tribe tickets right behind home plate two weeks ago, I took the MIL who is a huge baseball fan. My wife has had to endure two weeks of her mother bitching that she doesn't take care of her household like she should. I treat the MIL as good as my own mother, she thinks I'm a total sweetheart and constantly warns her daughter not to screw this one up. The caveat here is that I actually like my MIL so getting along with her is never a chore, same with my father in law whom I'd bend over backwards to help at a moments notice.

                I did learn a trick years ago though. I worked as a waiter in a fine restaurant with mostly female co-workers, after awhile they all go PMS at the same time each month, the following week me and the other guys would announce it was our PMS week and be total bastards, after awhile it became a big joke and we all got along better.

                -Christian D. Sokolowski


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                  Always remember, no good deed goes unpunished!


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                    Alright! Home alone!

                    Time to do some testing on which tastes better: Michelob Lager vs. Michelob Amber Bock.

                    Check back later for the results.


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                      I like to think that if I ever get to live life over, and have a son that I'd be smart enough and compassionate enough to have the little bugger nutted just before puberty. Just think what kind of sweet life a guy could have if you didn't spend most of your time running in aimless circles 'cuz of some female. Of course, they can be damned good friends [and don't steal your tools] but wow! once the old beef injection thing starts sanity goes out the window. I've farkled more than one good friendship that way and never ever figured out what hit me.

                      Every town should have an old-style cathouse in it and a guy should visit just as often as necessary to get the hump out of his back...every other female relationship should be platonic. My 2 cents.


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                        Yeah, you don't know the half of it. I been married a year now. (a Redheaded yankee girl)

                        I walk through and hear my wife blasting some kinfolk on the phone about another kinfolk who had a half black baby.
                        Then it occurs to me, the woman on the other end is the one that was dating the Muslim guy from Ontario.
                        Up goes the ears, Open goes the mouth. Not only is "SHE" dating a "non-white" guy, she is/was dating someone who is not even a "American". The phone conversation ended right there. At least the baggy pants boy saluted the same flag.

                        Yeah, I got "poo" on my shoe. SHEW! Me and my big mouth opinion.

                        (Me being 50% Cherokee 50% German 50% Scottish I understand not fitting in with anyones paticular race. Then I am colored to boot.) Yeah, I know it is more than 100% but looking at me you figure that out for yourself. Yeah, I am colored, blue, red, green, orange....

                        Any kids born to a mixed couple are in for a rough life from all sides. They don't fit in. I know.

                        And the day goes on. I dread menopause when it happens here. I just hope I have a couch in the shop to sleep on. I have my own refrigarator and microwave already.


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                          Someone came home earlier than planned so the test results are inconclusive but I'm leaning towards the Lager. Maybe this weekend I'll get a chance for a second round of testing.

                          Some very interesting comments coming up on this thread.

                          If only I knew at 14 years of age what I know now.


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                            Charlie makes me want to move my barber chair to the shop. Snooze.

                            Now if I could just train that pesky cnc to work without supervision.



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                              Dave dont forget the shop ****ter.


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                                Man,I am sooooo pumped!Ole lady is off on a mission for the next several and the boys don't have a DANG thing to do but get completely stupid!......BW