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OT: The estrogen is so thick I could cut it with a knife!

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  • OT: The estrogen is so thick I could cut it with a knife!

    I'm in the family room. My wife, daughter, and grandaughter are in the family room watching a special on Britney Spears on VH1. Help!!!

    Even though the dog is a male he doesn't count. He's neutered.

    I'm out-numbered.

    Time to head downstairs to the workshop.

    Thank goodness the forecast was wrong and it didn't rain. I got to spend some time outside cutting the grass. I usually hate cutting the grass but not tonight.

    Maybe I'll start painting the outside window trim tomorrow night.

    How do you guys cope when this happens to you?

    Gee! I gotta get out more. If only Lowe's was still open.

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    They certainly are clever.
    You do realise they switched the channel and watched golf after you went outside don't you?


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      Dont spill blood unless they invade the workshop.


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        I'm assuming this wasn't the scantily clad,sweaty,jiggly Britney?
        I just need one more tool,just one!


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          weird...are you talking about the sweaty, jiggly,etc,etc, Brittany that I like to watch?
          Someone told me the other day that she sings too...hmmm, I must have missed that!
          Dan...a secret...if you want to clear the "estrogen" out of the livin off a big smelly one and blame the dog.
          I have tools I don't even know I own...


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            Have you ever noticed that men and women both like to watch the young sweaty bouncy etc females? The men are checking out the (imaginary) opportunities, the women are checking out the (imagined) competition.
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              pgmrdan,you can come over here and visit for a spell......testosterone hangs heavy here at the estate,the boys sports friends all think this their private club.Always a cpl. extra pimple faced eating machines over,I will say that "their" Premier league futbol(on cable)is cool.The twin's whole soccer team showed up for lunch one day......"huh"?Went through.....over 50 pcs. of fried chicken,2 big bags of salad,25 bake potato's(cheese,SC,bacon,ect),10 litres of sport drink and a cake I was a good cake though(2 sheetcakes trimmed and stacked with major amts. of buttercream icing),should've precut it cause some of those kids must've been raised in barns and think that its some sort of competition to see who can take the biggest pce?You're very welcome to a visit but might want to leave females at home.Later,Bw


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                I handle this by getting out of Dodge. I have found out that a meal of cabbage and corn beef, or some salsa and bean dip and some time in the cellar workshop, garage, my office (window open)or whatever gets me some peace - or at least some room.

                Oh man, I do feel for you. Here is the line-up for my home as it sits now: Wife, who is menopausal. Oldest daughter, going through a nasty end of a relationship. Grand daughter - 2 3/4 years old and in that truly terrible stage and also involved with the end of the nasty relationship. 14 year old daughter - body bouncing with hormones. Two of the four are going through PMS right now, the grand daughter just "picks it up", and wife of mine joins in the fun. When I walk into a room, I may as well walk into a room of people juggling chainsaws, or through a newly laid mine field. Add my nosy sister in law, who drops by on a regular bais - especially during these time just to get a piece of the commisseration.....

                Heck, I could not to anything right, even if it was exactly what they ask, so I just walk through quietly, try not to disturb any mines, and leave just as quietly. Just never seems to work, I come out beat up no matter how quick a trip.

                Did you know that "Charmed" and "Angel" are on one after another on the Tele??? Two really big time woman oriented action shows that bring out the estrogen like you just can't believe. Add this to me coming home into the "Stihl" convention, and ---well, my shop is actually one mile away from the house, an I have no cell phone reception or a regular telephone in (out yes, in - no) to the shop.

                I used to have a camp in Vermont. Miss it tonight.

                CCBW, MAH


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                  I'm okay till she drags out the vacuum. She only vacuums when she's peeved it seems. Either that or she vacuums with a vengence. Even the dog starts walking around the house real slow and careful like he's just been hollered at.

                  The old Nordic Style might work for some of you fellows. That's the style where you go with out a shower for a month, mat up you hair and when you hit the kitchen door you take only one step inside, plant your feet about two feet apart, put your hands on your hips lean back just a tad and bellow "Woman goddamnit, where's my food?" If done properly you should be able to hear your echo thru the house followed by a meek "hi dear! how was your day?" If per chance you should hear anything at all other than that, leave quickly and find something else to do for a while!

                  And you single guys that are getting ready to chime in on this, don't. Us married guys are all in this situation cause we broke up with Rosey Palm long ago!

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                  It is true, there is nothing free about freedom, don't be so quick to give it away.


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                    My wife is in the early stages of menopause so the Nordic Style is out.

                    When they get menopausal it's like living with someone who has multiple personalities. And the other personalities can be mean!

                    I brought a bottle of Dr. Pepper into the bedroom one Friday afternoon to drink while I changed clothes after work. I always take the empty bottle to the recycling bin in the garage and I never spill the stuff so it's never been a problem. Well little did I realize that spouse #2 was in control that day and flew into a rage for at least 30 minutes about bringing a soda into the bedroom. She cancelled our plan for a Saturday trip to Cabela's and brought up the 'D' word (that's right, Divorce).

                    So the Nordic Style has no chance around my house. I'd end up living in a sod hut in the backyard like the Nordic people lived in. But maybe I'd have a case of Dr. Pepper in my sod hut.


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                      Priest says to his congregation, "No more questions, anything you want to know is in the Bible".

                      A hand goes up at the back and asks, "Where in the Bible does it talk about PMS?"

                      The Priest replies, "Where it says "Mary rode Joseph's ass all the way to Bethlehem."


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                        I also head for the shop or listen to the voices that tell me to do some reloading.

                        Paul G.
                        Paul G.


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                          .357 magnum loaded with snake shot. Will blow out the tv screen without too much chance of richochet. Also works on computer screens.


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                            Just hope they don't drag you to see an opera.



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                              Going to the opera would beat the hell out of listening to Britney trying to sing. Why she thinks she's a singer is beyond me.

                              Give me some singing by Luciano Pavarotti any day.