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I renewed my subscriptions a few days ago...

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  • I renewed my subscriptions a few days ago...

    Earlier this week I renewed my subscriptions to The Home Shop Machinist and Machinist's Workshop for another year. I've subscribed to several magazines over the years but those 2 are the only magazines that have ever held my interest for more than a few months.

    Anyway, as always, the person I talked with (Nicolette this time) was excellent to talk to and answered my questions quickly and professionally.

    Then there's this website! I know it's the members that make it great but it's nice of Village Press to provide it.

    There are more knowledgable members here than any other website I've ever used. And almost all of the members are willing to help others.

    So I want to say thanks to the people of Village Press and to all of the members of these forums for making this such a special place.


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    I never renew my subscription! My mother-in-law does it for birthday-HSM and Christmas -MW every year. Thanks Mom!

    Yes, everyone is quite helpful!


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      Good thing you reminded me,been going to get roundtoit for two weeks now.

      Yes VP does a fine job!

      But,I have a good question for them.Why in this modern hitech world can't I use Paypal to renew or buy books?
      I just need one more tool,just one!


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        Maybe they don't want to pay the 3% that Paypal charges vendors, or maybe they don't want to give Paypal access to their bank account. Paypal, great for buyers, sucks for sellers IMO.