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WHeelchair ramps? Plans? Lift? any good free designs?

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  • WHeelchair ramps? Plans? Lift? any good free designs?

    My buddy from old days just called. Down in the back, staying home to take care of his mom and dad who are both wheelchair bound.

    Trouble, I had some lawnmower ramps he used to load Mom's electric wheelchair. I gave them to him, came home one day and they were back. (I thought his parents passed away) I gave them away again to another wheelchair riding biker.

    Trouble is, he just called wanting to borrow them again. Geeze. He misuderstood me when I gave them to him.

    Now, he ' we' need a good fix of some way to load a chair easily into a van.

    The Harbor freight bumper lift came to mind. He is bucks down so I am "footing the bill" it looks like so it must be easily removable.

    I'd build it and give it to him/her but he tried to get in my pocket with a old truck a while back. He didn't have a bargain for me.

    Perhaps a loader with a cherry picker cylinder and hand pump? Electric winch? Ideals please insert below.

    David Cofer, Of:
    Tunnel Hill, North Georgia

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    A buddy of mine has a lift in his truck that lifts his wheelchair into the back of his pickup.

    It's a small electric winch that lifts the chair with another small electric motor that swings the chair over the box of the truck so it can be lowered into the box. He told me that it will lift up to 600 lbs. He says it's just the ticket to lift his drunken friends into the box too.

    This is all controlled from a hard wired hand control box inside the cab.

    The outfit is called a "Curbsider" made by Braun. It cost $3000 ten years ago. He was injured at work, so Worker's Comp paid the bill for the thing.

    It looks like it probably wouldn't be hard to make for someone with your skills.

    He said a google search should turn up some pictures. I could get some pictures for you, but it might take a while since he lives a fair distance away. If you need pics, let me know.



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      Sounds like just the thing to pick up "dead" bikes. Ha.. yeah.. no more pushing up a ramp.



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        Ya -and then the ramp breaks when the bike is 3/4 of the way up.

        Then you pop a nut trying to catch the bike.

        Been there.

        I'll have to ask Terry if he's ever lifted a bike with it.

        He told me he tried to lift a chair with a guy in it once. The winch got him about half way up and siezed up. Terry says they tried to drive with the guy hanging out the side of the truck in his chair. They didn't get too far. Terry said he stopped 'cause the chair was swinging and denting the side of his truck. Said he turned up the radio so he couldn't hear the guy shrieking....


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          Dave, my old partner drove home with his van and the wheelchair ramp sticking out the side. It'd come up but not pivot up. All it was was a switch.
          Simple for me to fix, impossible for him.

          He didn't hit any mailboxes, how I don't know.



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            Dang! If you were closer, I have the remnants of a wheel chair lift from a bus. I got it at an auction for around $45. Selfish me used the pump, cylinders and electric linear for my Kenbota Grader.

            Be careful how you design and build it. Most states require a 1000lb. minimum lift capability. (Some are 1200lb.) Also, the one's I've had dealings with (repair, install) have safety interlocks that keep the "folding sequence" fixed.

            Check with some of the local churches and retirement homes. Sad to say, there's equipment becomming available every day.


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              My dad found a place in Ohio that loaned him a electric cart/chair. I just made a hinged ramp for the side door of his van. It folded down and he drove the chair up into the van.

              If I had to do it for non-powered wheel chair I'd likely do the same ramp and one of the harbor freight DC winches for about $60.00 or less for a drawbridge type of deal. That would require the patient and an operator to make it all fly.

              Is your friend absolutly sure that there isn't help available for him from some organizations? There's a lot of that going on these days. My dad was able to borrow a lot of stuff that had to be returned to them when he no longer needed it.

              Good luck.......

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              Thank you to our families of soldiers, many of whom have given so much more then the rest of us for the Freedom we enjoy.

              It is true, there is nothing free about freedom, don't be so quick to give it away.


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                Dave had a wheelchair that'd lay rubber. Go down the road faster than I can run. Keep up with traffic in town I mean. It'd launch with me aboard like my 71 camaro did for the first 25 feet. I mean over a G.

                I thought when he passed on I'd sell it to recoup the headstone for him. I called the place it came from. Social Security had never paid for it. I saw all the paperwork. Me being a nice guy gave it to him. It cost over 8500$. I was upset. I sold the RoHO Cushions he had that were unused on ebay. Now them things brought pretty pennies too. I sent the used ones to the losers of the auctions.

                Things for disabled people is too damn expensive. People should be ashamed. I know they get lots of lawsuits but, no concience at all.


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                  Rick.. Worse than popping a nut? I had a board break while loading a customers harley, I grabbed a good holt, lifted the thing on up onto the truck. Problem was the tag had a torn place on the top corner and folded over into my belly ripping the skin and almost into the muscle/underlayment (covering the whole back of the bike with blood). This was in the 90s. None of my friends believed I had not been cut with a knife. Most wanted a name and was angry when I didn't give it to them.

                  In my early years I could just pick one up and load it by myself. Nowadays I use a long board. Mostly I just dream about the "old days" (when my back didn't hurt). I can still pick up one end, and did on my shovel recently to turn it around inside the house.


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                    Ouch!! Hurts just thinking about it.

                    Big guys usually wind up with injured backs, 'cause the guys my size just get out of the way when there's heavy lifting to do.

                    Friend of mine (goes by "Little Paul") is 6'5" and around 300. He's an ironworker. He used to put snowmachines into the back of his pickup himself. Now his back is shot. He's gone back to school. Power engineering. Smart guy.

                    We're not bulletproof. Paul says "I wish I had stopped the heavy lifting earlier, then my back wouldn't be permanently screwed up."

                    I was working on the yard this weekend with my daughter, and we removed about 15 sidewalk blocks. About 120 lbs each. I use to throw those around without any thought. Now that my rotator cuff is shot, I can't lift them. I have to admit, the male ego took a little beating. My daughter loaded all of them herself into my truck. 18 yrs old, 5'10" and about 120lbs. She worked for a landscaping company last summer. Only girl on the crew.
                    Good job. Taught her about hard work.



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                      DOn't feel bad for your daughter, She sounds tough enough to survive any rape attack by unruly bikers (or anyone else). Our world needs more people who can survive on thier own.

                      My ex, she was a medic in the rangers when we met, could field strip my pistol and put it back together faster than I could think about what to do next. Hand to hand combat trained, wonderful relationship. Sex was like two vicious pitt bulldogs ripping the bed apart. The relationship ended when I came home "drunk", she picked my 275lbs up and stuffed me into a corner and was telling me I was going to quit drinking.
                      I hung there a minute then decided I didn't like it. Taught her about two minutes of kickboxing. She left me. She has since had some Akido and some Ju-jitsu training and I keep waiting on a rematch. (we have a daughter together) She is hateful and mean. I on the other hand try to be respectful and polite.
                      Most people who don't know her and Me think I exagerate, I have only told this once or twice. And life goes on.

                      My grampa was a smallish stocky coalminer. Story was he'd wrestle for paychecks, get drunk, go home and granny would whip his ass and take his money away from him. When they got up in years he started sleeping in the Garage apartment. She was a big woman and would roll over and hurt him.

                      I guess it is hereditary.


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                        I just sent a 3/4 piece of plywood home with My buddy. He said he had some 2x6's. Back to the drywall (up at 2am with it) Not much more before I can work in my shop again.
                        2nd coat of mud, sanding, splatter and paint then some carpet.. WHOO HOOO.....
                        I really like the new living room. Plenty of room to work on the bike. (he he..)



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                          We used a chromed engine hoist (that's what it looked like) with a sling to lift my mother in law in and out of bed and in and out of her wheelchair. We rented it from the hospital supply place. very cheap to rent.
                          The drawbridge idea has the merit of being the least involved and cheapest to implement.
                          Ain't none of us getting any younger. After I drop my daughter off at school I usally take a walk down along the bike path along the river. I walk about a mile or until my back hurts. I'm told this is healthy for me. I break the tedium by looking for points, or lately, mushrooms.


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                            Yeah, they tell me most the things I do are bad for me too. But the doctors bill has so many numbers at the bottom I need to go do some more. They don't get onto me about paying the bill.

                            Mud is still too wet, rolls into little balls instead of powder. Shucks. (Manic Compulsive disorder?) I just want to be done.

                            On the UPSide? I just called the vet, time for Butch's shots. I don't want him field stripping a cat or other dog in the office. They agreed to come out to the truck and give him his shots. Pets do take after thier owners, Mine is as hyperactive as I am.
                            I just ate breakfast, he got his own bacon. Now that is spoiled. He can almost clear the six foot fence, jump flat footed eight feet sideways. I never been able to do that, but I don't have 4 feet. He has a trail worn "gate to gate" about six inches deep in the chert. He can be at either gate so fast most people think I have two dogs.
                            He's a good dog, I'm glad he's not mean. I've had one or two I had to feed with a stick. (Never put the stick down)