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OT- Finding lost friends

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  • OT- Finding lost friends

    I have recently been nominated to find a few of our buddies that have gone missing over the years.
    Any one had luck with search engines to find people ? I am down to a half dozen that I have no leads on, ie- family, relatives, friends that could help.

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    Are these your service comrades?
    If they are, I have a duty to help.
    E-Mail me



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      Have you tried That's the people finder I've used to track down authors for our Projects and Metalworking books. Of course, you do have to have a state or zip code, and if you had those, you wouldn't need to do a search... Well, I suppose its worth a shot anyway. Also, yahoo white pages are good.



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        Sometimes a straight Google search on the name will turn up something. Of course with a common name you'll get a few hundred thousand hits, but if you can put in any kind of qualifier, like maybe a state name or a job title or anything like that, the number may get winnowed down to something reasonable to look through.

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          I searched for a cousin of mine who I haven't seen since his brother died about 25 years ago, found him at

          Paul G.
          Paul G.


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            This is a good one.
            A high school buddy from 1956 used it to track me down.


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