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Shaper vise mounting suggestions

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  • Shaper vise mounting suggestions

    I have a vise for my shaper that is a good fit but the only way to mount it so that the jaws are parallel to the ram is to use 2 5/16 bolts with t nuts. The pic shows the way it will be oriented on the table.

    I need to drill and counterbore 2 holes in the base of the vise for mounting.

    So should 2 5/16 bolts hold it ok for light duty? It's a logan 8".

    Deep Sea Tool Salvage

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    I assume the base of the vise is not wide enough to cover two t-slots in the shaper table? I would think that the two bolts you mention would be sufficient. However, if you are worried about it you could attach a piece of .25 plate to the base of the vise by drilling and tapping from the underside and using four flat head button screws. Then put holes in the .25 plate and use that as your attachment point.

    Thats a solid looking vice, do you know what it came off of originally?
    James Kilroy


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      I'm not sure what it's made for. There are no mounting holes in the base and it has that big knurled knob for tightening. It may be a one off.
      I made a tilting one similar to it in trade school.