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  • spindle test bar


    Has anybody acquired a spindle test bar from
    Miller Machine & Fabrication's website (No relationship with me)?

    If so, what do you think? Is the price in the right range? Anybody know of other sources for a test bar?

    Thanks Mike

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    I've had my eye on those too but can't justify the price at the moment ... although Miller's spec is quite good.

    Chronos in the UK has MT4 and MT5 but by the time you get it here, it will be close to Miller's price and half the accuracy.

    Unless you need to test the spindle taper for runout that far out, you can make your own at little or no cost. For instance, to check headstock alignment (parallel to bed), chuck up a 2" or larger Al rod and turn a test ring at each end, finishing with a very fine cut. You can then indicate each and adjust head alignment (if possible) (or bed twist) with a tenths indicator.