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  • Intro plus question

    Hello all. My name is Paddy O'Sullivan and I'm located in Dublin, Ireland. I've recently started some model engineering and have subscribed to HSM for nearly 2 years now. I have an SB9 model C and a Beaver model A milling machine. Now for a question ( one of many ! ). I recently purchased a boring head on eBay, it's a Lushington No. 1 model with 30int arbor. When I align the "0" marks on the head, the feed dial is not at "0", it's 180 degrees out. There is a cone shaped nut on the other end of the feedscrew, it looks like you'd need a special tool to loosen it, it seems very tight. Maybe some in the UK will be familiar with this model ? I'm reluctant to use too much force on the nut. I can work with it like this but it would be nice to have them aligned.
    Regards / Paddy.

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    Hello paddy from Alistair in Scotland can you post a few pics of this ?Alistair
    Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease