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Anyone own or used a Wap SQ10 shop-vac?

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  • Anyone own or used a Wap SQ10 shop-vac?

    i've heard good things abotu this brand, but have only seen one in person, and that store (woodworkers warehouse) closed a couple years ago. one of my main interests is that is is supposedly quiet for a vac and still has quiet a bit of power. also, it has a much smaller footprint than the large craftsman vac i have now and hope to replace. its a 16 gallon model that just takes up way too much space and is better suited to large scale clean-up.

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    well, my alto/wap sq10 arrived not too long ago and i have to say i am impressed beyond all expectations. every aspect of construction, materials, and design is so far beyond what i was used to with the craftsman and shopvac brand products that it is almost unbelievable. (essentailly, i am using the wap to replace a 16 gallon craftsman vac that was annoying me with its size and noise.)

    in addition to being as loud or louder than a lawn mower, the craftsman vac also has an "exhaust" issue which bothers me. while vacuuming, the exhaust port blows air all over the place...disturbing stuff 10ft away. even though there is a muffler and the exhaust can be directed, in a closed room or garage, it is only of minor help.

    the sq10 does not have either of these problems. it is by far the quietest vac i have ever heard. not at all unpleasant and probably what i would consider a "converstaion level" noise. id have no problem using it in any room of a house at any time of day or night.

    the sq10 came pretty much assembled with the excpetiion of connecting the hose. and another impressive feature of the vac is the flexibility of this hose. very easy to coil and work with. bends and twists with no difficutly. makes reaching behind and around equipment almost effortless. definitely a sharp contrast to the stiff plasticy thing that came with the craftsman. wrestling that around and trying to coil it under a workbench or anywhere else was often a source of frustration. in addtion to the noise volume, it was one of the main reasons i disliked the craftsman so much. in addition to the high quality hose, the wap included numerous attachements, crevice tool, brushes, etc. and three stainless steel extensions. pretty much everyting i could see myself needing in a wet or dry situtaion.

    unfortunately, the sq10 has been discontinued. the mfg was acquired by another company and the model has been phased out in favor of the new line. the attix 8 and 12 gallon models. they don't seem to be very common in the us, but there are some distributors carrying the line for anyone curious. a web search for wap/alto/attix shoud also yield some results.

    edited to add that i cannot figure out how to post using the IMG tag.

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