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  • Shaper Renovation

    last chance to pass coment before I make radical alteration to this shaper tommorow.

    this is what mine looks like complete...(somebody elses)

    below you see that the shaper ram is below the sides of the trough it runs in.
    now I could make stepped keepers......
    but I dont want to.
    I want it, as I think it left the factory with the ram level with the sides.
    so I've put my 4 inch riser on my bridgeport turret ...and the whole lots going to be machined down to the level of the ram.
    first job...i will clock the trough to an avarage level
    then I will make a pass on the floor of the shaper get everthing pefect....not more than 0.1 mm if i can get away with leaving the oil slots in place.
    then I'm going to make a pass with the shapers ram in place and machine both the ram and the sides of the trough at the same time.
    after this I will make new keeper plates.
    The ram has already been on my surface plate and found to be true.
    the pics were taken about 8 months ago

    gib on wrong side in this first pic

    how it came to me
    in many peices

    all the best.....mark

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    Nice shaper and looks to be a good project. Curious, how is the bearing way surface or "floor of the shaper trough". Is it concaved, have you placed an edge across it? I would think with the front of the ram being pushed upward that much (looks like 3mm) the rear of the ram would be pushed downward into the "floor of the shaper trough" causing a considerable concave, or not. The keepers appear to be softer though maybe explaining the apparent greater wear than the ram surface.

    Either way it's a nice looking shaper with all the goodies there. JRouche

    Two more photos you may like. I gathered somewhere off the net.

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      I have a similar square slide way shaper, my problem was the front side as in your picture is where the wear was, as this takes the initial hit as the tool bites in, while after about 2-3 inches of travel there was no slop, which probably means the ram slide is tapered. For mine I just took a file and dressed down the outer side of the casting, you can them put shims under the top rails if req. For worse wear I think you are on the right track though. Mine has several oil holes in the top the slides, probably didnt get enough so I'm going to put a drip oiler on either side. All the best with the repair.


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        My Atlas instruction manual discusses shims & their use to eliminate vertical play in the ram. Even after you resurface the keepers you'll probably need to make shims so the ram has the correct clearance.

        McMaster Carr sells sheets of laminated shim stock. They have an online catalog. A sheet of brass .010 thick, .002 layers,
        8.00x24.00 is about $17.00. Part # 9521K33.
        They also carry different thicknesses and materials.

        Barry Milton
        Barry Milton


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          I hadnt seen a Royal Shaper until I read your post then a couple of minutes later here was one on our local auction site
 funny how that happens.


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            Buy it now $1,200.00 ...I think not.

            I paid آ£30 my shaper.
            and it does look a peice of crap ..I know.
            but not for long...:-)

            I have a feeling that someone has messed with it before ......look at the gib strip-keeper thingies.....they are not right.
            if I where to put shim stock under them it would be shot out the front because there is nothing to keep it there.
            the wear on the shaper trough floor apears to be equal from front to back......I wont be able to tell really how much ...until I get it on my bridgeport table and put a clock in the head and take some measurements.
            there are a few more bits and peices that are busted or badly repaired also on this shaper.........I hope I can put them right or make a better job of them.
            will let you all, how I get on with the scimming of the trough later on.
            btw ........all the mechanicals will be left in place whilst it is being they are filthy anyhows......powerwash later I think.
            MORE PICS a seperate post
            all the best......mark


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              all i want to know is how it got that worn and was still running???? it looks like the ram would almost pop out of its slot with all that wear.

              andy b.
              The danger is not that computers will come to think like men - but that men will come to think like computers. - some guy on another forum not dedicated to machining


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                That thing sure looks like an Atlas copy.

                Yes, you NEED to use shims, or you'll have to do it all over again.

                Odds are the top of the ram is off due to that wear.

                I'd take a pass after doing what you say, without the ram, to take the tops down by the thickness of a shim pack, less about 0.002 that you want to leave for oil clearance.

                Keep eye on ball.
                Hashim Khan


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                  Think the ram has been surface ground ....
                  thats how it ended up that low .
                  think it's been done more than once as well.
                  it's been done without compensating on the other parts.
                  I've surface ground the ram again today ......just so I know its right....didnt have to take much off a minute amount to get it right.
                  think I will still leave it down a tiny amount below the trough sides ...for clearance......maybe 0.04mm...0.0016 you guys think this is enough clearence .or should i go more.
                  all the best.mark


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                    J Tiers

                    YUP AFTER READING YOUR POST.
                    yes will do it your way.......then all I've to do is surface grind the shims when wear takes place me thinks in the future.
                    thanks .all the best.mark


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                      Progress today
                      My eighteen inch surface grinder was just able to do nineteen inches...with the centres of the spindle going clear over the ends of the ram.

                      First the top was surface ground using bottom as reference

                      Then the bottom was ground using top as reference

                      all the best......mark