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  • BidPay ??????

    Anyone hear ever use it? Is it a good way to pay for ebay auctions?
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    BidPay is Western Union. I have had buyers use it, and it works OK. It does take about a week for the payment to reach the seller, and they may not ship before receiving it.

    You can use credit card on line to make payment, and it does not have to access a bank account like PayPal does.
    Jim H.


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      <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2"> JCHannum: does not have to access a bank account like PayPal does.</font>
      Paying with Paypal does NOT require a bank account. You can use a credit card in stand-alone mode.


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        Once you reach a pre-set spending limit ( $2000 I think) in total payments with a credit card, they cut you off unless you verify with them using your checking account number.

        I'm $136.47 away from this limit and I really don't like giving anyone access to my checking account..


        <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by CCWKen:
        Paying with Paypal does NOT require a bank account. You can use a credit card in stand-alone mode.</font>


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          I've used it once or twice.
          I also tried using PayPal to pay with a credit card, when PayPal asked me to create an account, I said F this.
          I like using US postal money orders. Infact I will only accept payment via US postal money orders. Sometimes some one sends me a personal check. Thats fine, I dont ship out their item until it clears.


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            I've reached PayPal's spending limit and refuse to get "verified" (i.e., give them a pipeline into my checking account.) I've complained to them about this policy; I hope all others who want to use PayPal will too. I'd love to keep on using the credit card method, but they seem very uninterested in accomodating that method.

            Jeff E.


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              Jeff, I agree with you. I wish they'd make up their mind though. My spending limit was $1000 LIFETIME. Didn't take very long to hit that. I did complain about their stupid limit. Everytime they send me an email I have to tell them about their limit AGAIN and explain to them how relaxing it is, going for a drive to get a money order.
              I know other people who registered after I did and their limit is $2000. Some are lifetime, others are for a year.
              Screw them....they aren't getting my banking info.
              I'd rather support the postal system than to line the pockets of a few yuppies so they can buy the latest Porche
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                I didn’t like PayPal accessing my checking account when I hit the limit.

                I went to my credit union and set up a separate checking/credit account for use on the Internet. With PayPal you can use you credit card by using the alternate payment option. I have had No problem using this account on the Internet.

                I only keep a few buck in the checking account and am able to transfer funds from my main account to the Internet account when needed.


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                  I used western union a few years ago for monthly cash transfers out of country. It was fast and convenient for that. All done with plastic and a phone call or on the internet. Just recently I needed to use the service again and did the phone thing. They ask you for a phone number to call back and verify. I gave them the one I was at at that time of course. Tooooooo bad for me 'cuz it wasn't the contact number the credit card company had on their records. [they do not mention that anywhere and I've never heard of anyone else with such a policy] So, it was not possible to continue with the transaction AND the credit card number is blocked, apparently forever [I tried it again months later] and western union seems to have no way or interest to fix it. Additionally they are real unfriendly AND expensive.

                  They make PayPal look good.